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Barbecue Party Ideas: What to Rent for an Awesome BBQ!

What are some of our favorite barbecue party ideas?

Since summer is finally here and many people are looking forward to celebrating much more than they did last year, you may be thinking that now’s the perfect time to organize a backyard BBQ. Your friends and family are sure to love getting together with great people and dig into some wonderfully tasty food – and we’re here to help make it a success!


There are several advantages to renting equipment for your party, such as lowering your budget, having more options, not worrying about set-up and take-down, and the overall convenience. Let’s take a look at some barbecue party ideas involving the type of rental equipment that’s currently available for your next celebration.


Barbecue Party Ideas – Rent One or Two Tents

Planning an outdoor party will give you plenty of room and allow you to enjoy the Florida sun, but you don’t want your guests to get uncomfortably warm. Setting up a large tent or possibly two medium-sized tents will provide shade and protection for anyone who attends. Renting tents is much easier because purchasing them can be somewhat costly and then you have to deal with storage.


Tent Accessories

Another great thing about tents is that they’re quite versatile. They come in different styles and sizes, of course, but you can also add certain accessories to them. If you want the party to be enclosed and further protected from the elements, you can use sidewalls. To keep your guests even cooler, you can either set up pedestal fans wherever you’d like or use tent fans that clamp to the poles.


Kitchen Equipment

If you’re going to have an enjoyable summer BBQ, you should definitely consider renting some kitchen equipment. You can rent everything from a convection oven and multiple-burner stove to a hot box and griddle attachment. You’ll also find everything else you’ll need such as tables, chairs, catering equipment, dinnerware and glassware, all of which will save you a lot of time in gathering them up item by item from friends and family.


Party Desserts

Many party organizers don’t consider picking up concessions for the event because they don’t realize how accessible they are. In addition to party foods such as hot dogs on rotisserie, soft pretzels, and nachos, you can choose awesome desserts like ice cream, cotton candy, and snow cones. This is a great way to satisfy everyone’s cravings, adults and children alike.


Bounce House

Whether your celebration will be for the July 4th weekend or any other time during the summer, it’s important that you keep children entertained throughout the event. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by renting a bounce house castle. As an added bonus, the kids will get plenty of exercise and burn off some of the extra energy that they’ve stored up after eating all those sweets!


Kids’ Games

Renting a bounce house is only one option if you want to keep children entertained during a outdoor BBQ party. There are several giant-sized games available for rental such as giant Jenga, Yardzee, chess, and checkers. These lawn games truly take on a completely different dimension when the pieces are often bigger than the kids playing them.


Movie Projector

Setting up a movie marathon is a great way to celebrate the summer season. You’ll need to make your movie selections based on the types of guests who will be attending. After all, you probably don’t want to have a bunch of monster movies playing during the party if there will be young kids there. Pick a few family-friendly favorites and you can’t go wrong.


Popcorn Machine

Having popcorn at your barbecue party is such a popular idea for concessions that it deserves its own section. Renting a popcorn machine is cost-effective and provides a great snack food for everyone to enjoy throughout the event. They’re easy to use and the rental company can provide all of the supplies that you’ll need throughout the day.


Sound System

What kind of barbecue party would it be without some great tunes for your guests to enjoy? By renting a high-quality sound system that can be connected to any iPod, you’ll be able to provide your guests with a large variety of music. Add a few playlists or hit shuffle for an awesome party experience. Just be sure that you let your neighbors know just in case things get a little loud.


Dance Floor

It would be a real tragedy if you had plenty of music to play, but nowhere to get your groove on. Dance floors are available in a variety of sizes and you can even rent a couple of them for the party so that you can split up the adults and kids. They’re easy to install and go perfectly with a powerful sound system.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Barbecue Party Rental Equipment

These BBQ party ideas are just the beginning. Elite Events & Rentals can assist you with all of these items and many more to help your party become a success. If you have any questions about event rental equipment in Tampa or are ready to place a reservation, reach out to us by calling (727) 791-7082 to schedule a free consultation.