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Company Christmas Party Ideas During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fun company Christmas party ideas!

Workers across the country and around the world have definitely had a difficult year. Regardless of the situation you and your family are currently in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. A lot of people aren’t exactly sure what the holidays will look like due to the pandemic. Many businesses are trying to figure out how to celebrate while also staying safe. We thought hard about this and we’d like to share some of our company Christmas party ideas for this extremely unique time.


Throw the Party Outdoors

No matter how your company is set up, you should definitely consider throwing the party outdoors. The coronavirus doesn’t spread as well outside as it does in contained spaces and this will make it easier to maintain social distancing. If you’re afraid of inclement weather, consider a tent rental and possibly tent accessories such as sidewalls and heaters.


Provide Branded Masks

As most people are aware, masks have proven to be very effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We’ll eventually stop wearing them, but for now, masks are being designed to be somewhat fashionable so that people can feel better about wearing them. One of the easiest company Christmas party ideas to accomplish is to provide masks to everyone with your company’s brand. You can have a holiday design, or something else that’s fun and light.


View Christmas Lights

Work Christmas party ideas don’t always belong in the office. If you know of a neighborhood where the residents routinely decorate their homes with Christmas lights, have everyone from your office meet in a central location and go for a walk. This is a great way to enjoy one of the most traditional parts of the holiday while being outdoors and staying safe. You’ll get some exercise and social distancing will be a lot easier to accomplish.


Rent Some Equipment

Event rental equipment is the perfect way to improve any holiday celebration. As we stated above, tent rentals are an effective way to take the party outside and keep guests away from the elements. You can also choose to rent catering equipment for the food, along with basic items such as tables, chairs, and dinner & glassware. And the holiday is ripe for entertainment options like audio/visual equipment and a dance floor or two.


Set Up a Drive-In Movie

Out of all the work Christmas party ideas, this one might just be our favorite. Everyone knows that Christmas movies are extremely popular. This is often an indoor activity and people are trying to avoid those. The alternative is to create your own drive-in movie night in your office parking lot or a similar area. Rent a projector and projection screen to project movies in a safe and socially distant manner. You can even treat it like a real drive-in theater and have a car-side concession service.


Split Up the Festivities

If your best option for your company Christmas party is to have it indoors, you should consider splitting up the festivities. This can be done by spreading the party throughout a few different rooms. Perhaps each room can have its own music? Maybe one or two rooms can be designated as areas to eat? This will allow fewer people to gather at once, which will keep everyone safer.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Company Christmas Party Ideas

Elite Events & Rentals has become the most reputable party rental company in Tampa. If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate the holiday at your company, our team can definitely assist you. For more company Christmas party ideas or if you have any questions about our party Tampa party rental items, call us at (727) 791-7082. You can schedule a no-cost consultation and learn more about our rental products.