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Why Florida Beach Weddings Need a Party and Event Rental Company

Why Florida Beach Weddings Need a Party and Event Rental Company

First off, Elite Events and Rentals want to say congrats! We have been in the event and rental industry for 10 years now, and take great pleasure helping to organize weddings. At Elite, we become invested in each of our clients and do our best to make sure their party or event meets their expectations.


It’s now summertime, and we know it’s busy season for beach weddings. Working in the Tampa Bay coastal area, we’ve been the popular choice when it comes to Florida Beach Weddings. If you are someone who is planning a beach wedding here in Florida, Elite events and rentals can streamline that process so it goes off without a hitch. Here are the reasons we think you shouldn’t skip on a rental company while planning your big day.




Where else would we start? The bigger and more experienced your wedding planning committee, the better. You probably have a wedding planner that’s responsible for the arrangements, or, it might be a wedding planner who is reading this. In either case, we are a rental company with extensive experience planning Florida beach weddings throughout the state. We have multiple facilities, trained employees, and an administrative staff to support you. Our convenient Tampa Bay location is only a short drive away from the beach!


For the planning, our staff is both capable and willing to help plan your beach wedding by your side. We understand, from sunrise to sunset, the processes of your wedding day. We can help with setup, breakdown, arrangement, display, and any other concerns you might have. We can help take the stress out of your wedding planning.


Saves You Money


Yes! Working with Elite Events and Rentals will save you money! We know how much weddings can be a pain on the pocketbook. We also know, that you probably don’t have all of the equipment necessary to host your Florida beach wedding. That’s where we come in! We have chairs, tents, table settings, glassware, and lighting just to name a few of our beach wedding products. So rather than spending your time investing in things you will never use again and have to go through the hassle of securing so many different pieces, work with us. We specialize in Florida beach wedding rentals and have all of the products you need for your wedding in one place, hands-free.


If you were to compare the costs of setting up your own beach wedding versus working with Elite Events and Rentals, it’s not even close. We are the all-inclusive party and event rentals company for Florida beach weddings.


Stress Relief


This probably isn’t your first wedding. While we shoot for fairytale weddings, we know that doesn’t alway happen in reality. How many weddings have you seen unravel because of the stress that everyone is feeling? Now add setup, breakdown, equipment purchase, arrangement, etc… Does that do anything to help manage the stress load of a wedding? At Elite Events and Rentals, we are event specialists who are professional and efficient in what we do. Where it may take hours for individuals to set up a beach wedding may take minutes for our crews. And the best thing? We’ll break it all down for you. How much would less stress be if you could enjoy the wedding as an event rather than as stage help?


Florida Beach Weddings at Your Disposal


Florida Beach weddings are great concepts but can sometimes be hard to execute without professional help. Weddings are supposed to be witnessed, not worked. Onboarding the help of Elite Events and Rentals will help you carry out planning, save money, and lighten the stress load of your wedding day. Contact us to help organize your perfect Florida beach wedding.