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7 Items You Need to Rent for Holiday Parties

Plan your holiday parties by renting these items.

Given the upcoming time of the year, we’re betting that a lot of people out there are gearing up for their favorite winter holiday season celebrations. If you want to make them something special, you should consider renting a few simple items. Here are a few of our favorite holiday party rentals that will make every event a success:


Tent and Tent Accessories

Although the Florida weather isn’t as temperamental during the winter holiday season, it’s still not a bad idea to rent a tent and some tent accessories if you’re having an outdoor party. Tent rentals will protect you and your guests from the elements while also providing a bit of privacy. Tents also make it easier to have a self-contained party if you’re holding the event in a large space.


Tables and Chairs

Holiday parties always include food, and you absolutely need a place where people can sit down and enjoy their feast. Renting tables and chairs is a lot easier than getting friends and family members to bring a bunch of different ones. Not only can you ensure that you have enough for everyone, but you can also match them up with specific colors and styles.


Catering Equipment

Since food is so important, you also want to have a way to serve it to your guests. You could always hire a professional caterer, but in many instances, guests will want to bring their own delicious food items. This is where catering equipment comes in.


Perhaps you need serving dishes and serving spoons, or maybe you’re just looking for something simple such as a coffee dispenser. The sky’s the limit!


Kids’ Bounce House

Whether we’re talking about Christmas parties, or even New Year’s celebrations, entertaining the kids is always important. If you want younger kids to have a great time, you can start by renting a bounce house. This will keep them entertained, provide a decent amount of exercise, and help them expend some of that pent-up holiday energy.


Concession Items

Even if you’re serving tons of food such as turkey, mashed potatoes, cherry pies, etc., it never hurts to add in few simple concessions. Kids love sugar, obviously, so you may want to lean into that by renting a concession stand for cotton candy or snow cones. At the very least, though, you can keep it simple by renting a popcorn stand that will provide a nice, salty treat throughout the party.


Dance Floor

Entertaining your guests for a long period of time can be a little difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you add things like a dance floor. This is a wonderful way to keep people engaged throughout the party, whether you’re playing Christmas music, the newest tunes, or even classic “dad” rock. If you have enough room, you may even want to get a dance floor for adults and a second one for the kids.


Audio and Video Equipment

You may need to rent some audio equipment to go with the dance floor so you can play your favorite tunes more easily and with more bravado. Once that’s squared away, you may want to consider video equipment as well. The most popular type of video equipment is a projection screen and projector that will allow you to show a variety of family-friendly movies on a large indoor or outdoor screen.


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