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Ideas for Fun Family Gatherings

Ideas for Fun Family Gatherings

This is the time of the year when Tampa families get together to enjoy the weather and socialize. These experiences often create memories that last a lifetime. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas for Clearwater and Tampa family gatherings.


Select Family Gatherings Locations with Care


Take some time to consider the places in Tampa and Clearwater where your family has enjoyed one another’s company and made memories. Revisit these settings as a group to rekindle that magic. It might be your backyard, Grandma’s house or a nearby beach.


Everyone Should Have Something to Do


Plan a wide array of activities so family members of all ages and interests have something to enjoy. Bring along sports equipment and take advantage of large public spaces with ample room for family gatherings.


How to Inspire Interaction at Tampa Family Gatherings


There is a chance people will simply hang out and engage in small talk or uncomfortable silence if they are not provided with activities. Try to get family members interested in playing games like charades based on family stories. Hold a family talent show to put everyone’s unique strengths on display. Try grouping people in pairs for a water balloon toss contest. The last team to keep their water balloon intact wins.


Add a Theme to Your Clearwater Family Gatherings


Your family gatherings will prove that much more enjoyable and memorable if there is a theme. Encourage people to bring props and dress up to suit the theme. Or, make custom shirts everyone can wear. These shirts can feature your family’s surname or coat of arms. Such a means of visual identity will prove quite helpful if you get together with one another in a crowded public venue.


The party theme can also be food-related. Consider having a family potluck dinner in which everyone contributes a unique dish. Make sure everyone brings along a copy of their recipe so a recipe book can be made that is sent out to each participating family member following the event.


Reminisce with Family Videos and Photos


Have everyone bring along family videos and photos. Baby pictures will prove especially fun. These can be put up on a big screen and family members can match the baby to the adult. Or, have family members come up with funny captions for photos. You’ll feel that much closer to one another after sharing these memories.