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How to Choose a Large Tent Rental for Your Next Event

Large Tent Rental for a Fun & Memorable Events!

When throwing an outdoor party, you must ensure your guests are comfortable and well protected from the elements. The right tent rental can help you make your event more fun and memorable for all involved. With the right tent accessories, you can add an air of glamor and sophistication to your event, and you don’t even have to compromise on a dance floor with a large tent rental.


But choosing a tent is no easy feat. You must find the right size tent that matches the vision you’re looking to achieve. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, New Year’s celebration, family reunion, or any other event that requires a large gathering, here are some factors to consider when choosing a large tent rental.


1. Size of the space

The size of your event venue will considerably narrow down your tent rental choices. You’ll have to choose what fits adequately into the space without making it seem cramped. The venue will also determine the number of tables, chairs, and other party equipment rental products you’ll need. Also, consider access to service providers, adjacent buildings, and washroom facilities.


Allow enough space around the perimeter to ensure your event doesn’t feel crowded. One more thing, where is everyone going to park?


2. Guests and seating

Obviously, you must consider the number of guests when choosing a venue and ultimately the size of the tent. The more guests you have attending, the larger the tent – you may even want to consider having more than one tent set up for your event.


Another factor to consider is how intimate you’d like your event to be. Long tables accommodate more guests, while round tables are better for conversation. You might even require a buffet area and space for gifts or a music band.


3. Consider the surface of the site

Large tents must be anchored. Pole tents are better suited for dirt and grass as they can be easily staked into the ground, while frame tents are better suited for asphalt, stone, or concrete surfaces. It’s advisable to work closely with your event rentals company to determine the safest way to secure a large tent.


4. Height restrictions

You don’t have to worry about height restrictions when planning an outdoor event. The same cannot be said for indoor parties. Account for the size of the space as well as the width and length. Ask the owner or operator of the venue for its exact dimensions so you can choose an appropriately sized tent.


5. Weather and time of year

Outdoor events held in the dead of winter will have completely different requirements from those held in spring or summer. Tent rentals nowadays come with heating and cooling mechanisms so you can enjoy your event no matter the weather conditions.


Also, if the area gets particularly windy, you may want to consider a tent with walls to buffer your guests from the elements.


6. Social distancing requirements

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain restrictions have become the new normal. You’ll want to give your guests ample space so they can better enjoy the event. Large tent rentals come in a variety of sizes, and some can even be customized to match your needs. It’s also a good idea to consult with your event rentals company before choosing a tent. You want to end up with an option that suits your style—while meeting social distancing requirements, if any.


Contact Elite Event Rentals to Choose the Right Tent Size

Elite Events & Rentals is a leading provider of event rental equipment in Tampa. If you’re looking for large tent rental services, our professionals can come to your site and review your requirements. That’s before recommending the right kind of tent for your event. Contact our customer service team so we can get started with a free consultation.