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Large Tent Rentals are Great for Outdoor Weddings and Parties!

Large tent rentals perfect when planning an outdoor wedding or party! 

Tent rentals can be used for a wide variety of different outdoor events. They’re the perfect way to organize birthday parties, company gatherings, family get-togethers, holiday celebrations, and a whole lot more.


If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding or other type of big party, then a large tent rental should be on your to-do list. Let’s explore some details concerning these large tent rentals that will help you get the most out of any sizable celebration.


The Need for a Large Tent

With any big outdoor wedding or other type of event, you’re obviously going to be using a lot of space. Large tent rentals will allow you to keep everyone covered and protected from the elements while also making the organization of the event easier. If needed, you can even have two or more large tents to split up different activities, such as eating and dancing.


Size of the Tent You Need

In all likelihood, you won’t be using the entire outdoor area for your tent, so you can’t always use the square footage of the full space to calculate the size of the tent that you’ll need. To help you figure this out, we’ve outlined the most pertinent considerations for the event. Add up the required square footage of each to decide on the tent’s size.


  • Guest Count — First, start with your expected guest count and the types of tables you plan to use for them. If you’re using 60-inch round tables, which will seat eight guests, then you’ll need 100 square feet for each table.
  • Bridal Party — Long head tables are traditionally used for the bridal party. Count the bridal party, including the bride and groom, and divide that number by four. That’s how many 8-foot tables you’ll need. The final part will be to calculate 100 square feet per table plus any room behind the tables you’d like.
  • Buffet Tables — Each 8-foot buffet table will need 100 square feet of room, which will include space for the serving line. Also keep in mind that your caterer will help determine how big the buffet tables will be.
  • Stages and Dance Floors — If you plan to have a band on stage or a dance floor, you’ll need to calculate some room for those items, too. Include the square footage in your total and a little extra around the perimeter of each.


Available Tent Accessories

In addition to the tent itself, there are a few types of tent accessories that you may want to choose, depending on the weather and other factors. If you want to fully enclose the party, renting sidewalls to protect against the wind or to provide privacy is a good idea. You can also choose to add fans, misters, or heaters to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Other options include flooring and lighting, which definitely add to the overall appearance and functionality of the tent.


Other Rental Items to Include

Tampa party rental for your wedding or other outdoor event definitely doesn’t stop at tents. For the sake of convenience and cost, you may want to consider renting other items such as tables, chairs, catering equipment, dinner & glassware, audio/visual equipment, dance floors, concessions, archways, cake stands, etc. After you choose the rental company, a representative can go over all of your different options that will help improve the celebration.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Large Tent Rentals and More

Choosing your party rental company is an important part of the event process.  Elite Events & Rentals has years of experience providing event rental equipment in Tampa. No matter how big or small your celebration will be, we can make it better with high-quality tables, chairs, catering equipment, tents, concessions, kid’s games, and a whole lot more. If you have any questions about our services or would like a free, no-obligation quote, reach out by phone at (727) 791-7082 for a no-cost consultation!