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What to Rent for Your Corporate Thanksgiving Feast

If your company is planning a Thanksgiving feast, here’s what you should rent.

If your company is planning to host Thanksgiving dinner or any type of get-together for your workers (and maybe even their family and friends) during the holiday, then you should consider renting certain items instead of purchasing everything. To give you an idea of what’s available, our team has put together a quick list of our favorite Thanksgiving party rentals that will make entertaining guests and serving food a whole lot easier.


Tents and Sidewalls

Even though the summer heat has mostly dissipated by the time turkey season arrives, tent rentals are still one of the most popular types of Thanksgiving party rentals in the state of Florida. Tents will provide your guests with a sense of privacy while also giving you a great opportunity to put up more Thanksgiving decorations than you might be able to in a small office. You can make the party even more intimate by adding sidewalls and other tent accessories to certain types of tents.


Tables and Chairs

Since your Thanksgiving Day celebration is most likely going to include tons of food, then renting tables and chairs is a no-brainer. Renting is always best because you can make sure everything matches, which is especially important if you want to integrate fall colors into the party. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting family members, friends, and co-workers to lug around their own tables and chairs for the event. All they gotta do is show up!


Dinnerware and Flatware

Gathering up all the dinnerware and flatware you need can be just as annoying as getting people to bring tables and chairs. Renting makes this a whole lot easier because you can get everything in one place and ensure there will be plenty to go around. A rental company will have a variety of styles available, so you can achieve a specific look for the holiday party, such as a lot of browns and oranges.


Catering Equipment

While it’s true the word “Thanksgiving” will automatically invoke thoughts of family and friends, it’s impossible to also not think of the food involved. This is why you should also consider renting catering equipment for the party. Thanksgiving party rentals can include anything from serving dishes and heated pans for the food to beverage dispensers and coffee makers for the drinks. These kinds of rentable items can come in very handy if people will be bringing in their own food items.


Heating Equipment

Even though the Florida weather doesn’t get too crazy during the Thanksgiving holiday, it might be a little cold outside for some of your guests. Rental companies have heating equipment available, typically in the form of heating lamps you can set up around a tent or backyard. This will keep guests toasty and warm without making the interior of your tent our any outdoor environment too hot.


Table Linens

Another way to improve the look of your Thanksgiving holiday party is to rent some table linens. While these can often be found in the average home or maybe through a friend or family member, it’s a lot easier to rent them so that they’ll match the tables, chairs, dishes, etc. You can even get them in a variety of fall colors so that you can celebrate Thanksgiving the right way.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Thanksgiving Party Rentals

Elite Events & Rentals is Florida’s premier party rental company. If you have any questions about event rental equipment in Tampa or would like assistance with choosing the right type of Thanksgiving party rentals this year, reach out to us at (727) 791-7082 today.