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Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Rent What You Need

Rent what you need for your wedding anniversary celebration!

Wedding anniversaries may come around every year, but they’re something that gets better and better over time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to rekindle your love, get together with family and friends, or simply enjoy each other’s company.


Whether you’re celebrating your 1st, 10th anniversary, or 25th anniversary, it’s important you always make the most of it. To help make that a reality, we’ve compiled some quick tips on how to make your wedding anniversary celebration something special.


Renew Your Wedding Vows

One of the most popular ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary milestone – such as five, ten, or more years – is to renew your vows. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to relive your wedding day and recommit the promises that you made to each other. This can be a large affair or just a casual get-together with your closest friends and family, allowing you a lot of wiggle room in its scope and expense.


Revisit Your First Date

First dates aren’t always eventful, but there’s typically one or two things that you can revisit. Perhaps you can return to the first place you had dinner or re-watch an old movie you saw at the theater. If you’ve moved away from the area and the date can’t be replicated exactly, then mimic it with similar activities that will convey the same feel. This is a great way to spend your anniversary and can help you reconnect, if needed.


Go on a Second Honeymoon!

A popular way to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to go on a second honeymoon. You can either return to the same destination that you visited for your first honeymoon or go somewhere new you’ve always dreamt about. You can even change it up a little by taking your kids along or inviting a few friends to enjoy the trip with you.


Help Out a Cause or Charity

Wedding anniversary gifts don’t always need to be between spouses. You can get a lot of joy from taking some of your gift budget and giving it to the charity of your choice so you can help out people who aren’t as fortunate as you. Another worthwhile option is to volunteer at some place like food bank, homeless shelter, or even a pet rescue so that you can assist a cause and spend time together doing it.


Attend a Wine Tasting Event

If you’re looking for something nice and relaxing to do for your wedding anniversary, you should consider attending a local wine tasting. Depending on where you live, you may need to drive for a bit, but you could make this a full day’s event or maybe a quick weekend trip. Wine tasting is a very enjoyable experience that has become a favorite amongst couples and often becomes a regular event.


Organize an Outdoor Party

A wedding anniversary celebration is the perfect excuse to gather up your families and friends for an exciting outdoor party. You can start by renting the basics such as tables, chairs, tents, tent accessories, catering equipment, and dinnerware. Party rentals are a convenient, inexpensive way to celebrate, and the event company will take care of the setup and take-down of anything you rent.


Get your Children Involved

If you and your spouse have children, then it certainly doesn’t hurt to make plans that involve them, too. You can use your anniversary as a huge family vacation to a theme park, favorite hotspot, or possibly a different country. Another idea is to throw an outdoor event and rent items that kids will love such as a dance floor and concessions.


Do Something Brand New

As they say, variety is the spice of life, so why not use your wedding anniversary as an excuse to do something brand new? If you want an adrenaline rush and you’ve never gone skydiving before, that’s certainly an option. Same with zip lining or maybe just a big theme park ride you’ve always been apprehensive to go on. More relaxed options would include taking a dance class or cooking class together.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

It seems that everyone has a video of their wedding, but almost nobody ever watches it. Your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to watch it again and enjoy the moment as if it was yesterday. You can also take a trip down memory lane by getting out photo albums (or scanning through the ones on Facebook) and enjoying the past events, vacations, family get-togethers, and other enjoyable times of your life.


Shut off the Outside World

With so many of us practically attached to our computers and phones for much of the day, it’s nice to shut off the outside world occasionally. Spend at least part of the day with all communication devices switched off and just enjoy some time together. Who knows – you might enjoy it so much that you’ll want to do it on a weekly basis? Okay, maybe monthly…


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for an Awesome Wedding Anniversary Celebration

No matter what you choose to do for your wedding anniversary celebration, it’s all about spending quality time with your spouse. As the leader in event rental equipment in Tampa, Elite Events & Rentals can help you make the most of it. For any questions or to receive a no-obligation quote, reach out by calling (727) 791-7082 to schedule a consultation.