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Top 14 Wedding Ideas for Summer Weddings

Some great wedding ideas for the summer!

With the coronavirus finally beginning to get under control, many couples who have been putting off their nuptials are now ready to start planning for their big day once again. What better way to gather family and friends for this monumental event than by planning a summer wedding?!


There are an endless number of options available to you. It would be impossible for us to list all of them, of course, so we’ve thought long and hard to create a list of wedding ideas for summer that will help make this once-in-a-lifetime even fun and exciting.


Two Words: Beach Party

As fellow Floridians, it should come as no surprise that having a beach wedding would top our list. If you enjoy fun in the sun, this wedding venue is absolutely perfect. There’s nothing quite like exchanging vows with the gorgeous backdrop of the beach and the calm, blue ocean just past the sparkling sand. It’s the perfect way for a couple to start their new life together.


Cook Up Some BBQ

Whether you’re planning to cook food for the wedding yourself, have friends cobble together a potluck, or hire caterers, a barbecue cookout will really hit the spot. If you decide to make this part of your plans, though, make sure you let everyone know so they can bring a change of clothes just in case anyone’s afraid of getting barbecue sauce on their suit or dress!


Throw a Casual Pre-Party

Everyone knows you can’t have a wedding without a wedding reception, but many people don’t even consider the idea of throwing a casual pre-party. That’s right! A casual event before the main event, which is followed by a final event! This will allow the wedding party to arrive early, hang out with each other, and relax before being called to take their seats for the bride and groom.


Create a Destination Wedding

Many couples getting married during the summer months will choose a destination wedding, which means that the nuptials take place in an area where people are likely to spend a vacation. Of course, this is Florida, so your destination wedding might not be too far away. If this is part of your plan, you may want to forgo the beach and instead head to the woods or one of our famous theme parks.


Have Fun with Sand Art

Going back to the beach for just a moment, the sand presents you with a great opportunity to add a special flare to the proceedings. There are plenty of artists available who will create sand art by drawing pictures in the sand or creating extremely detailed sandcastles. Let’s not forget, having a volleyball game after you say “I do” is always an option.


Pick a Movie or TV Theme

In recent years, many weddings have become somewhat… nerdy. Many couples try to out do each other by selecting a theme that will garner attention and create wonderful memories. Whether you have a love of Star Wars, Marvel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or The Office, there’s something for everyone. For those who are really daring, Game of Thrones might be sadistically perfect.


Rent Tents for the Sun

Due to Florida’s warm weather, it’s important that you consider the comfort level of your guests. If you’re planning to have your wedding take place outside, you should think about renting tents and tent accessories for the event. If you’re having your reception in the same place, renting multiple tents will allow you to easily keep the reception area separate from the wedding area.


Upgrade Each Rented Tent

There are multiple benefits of renting a tent instead of buying one, such as not worrying about storage, set-up, or take-down. During the wedding, however, the best part is very often the accessories that are available. Since it’ll be warm outside, you may want to install side walls to further protect guests and either set up fans or misters to keep everyone cool.


Create a Country Wedding

There are so many modern types of weddings these days that many people forget how wonderful a country wedding or rustic wedding can be. This will often feature a somewhat muted color palette that feels, for lack of a better term, “homey.” You can also use this idea for your reception by featuring square dancing and line dancing, in addition to foods like burgers, chili, and cornbread.


Consider a Dance Floor 

Having a dance floor at a wedding is a tradition that no one should pass up. In addition to the bride and groom having their inaugural dance, you don’t want to leave out the bride and her father-in-law. You can also hire a DJ for the tunes or set up some audio equipment and plug in your favorite iPod playlist.


Watermelon on a Stick

Watermelon is a quintessential summer snack, but it also can get quite messy and sticky. The solution is to provide watermelon on a stick for a quick, tasty summer treat. If you’re feeling especially fancy, you can present them in a floral arrangement pattern that will go perfect with your summer wedding décor.


Stock Up on Bug Spray

If you’re going to have your wedding outside, then it’s important that you always consider the presence of bugs. Since you’ll have people and food around, you can often expect flies and mosquitoes to make an appearance. Make sure that you have plenty of bug spray and mosquito repellent available just in case things get out of hand.


Offer a Few Concessions

Fancy schmancy wedding dinners are perfectly fine, but you can never go wrong by sprinkling in a few concessions here and there. Wedding guests of all ages love to see mainstays such as popcorn and cotton candy machines, but add in ice cream and snow cones to give them an extra treat. You can even go full-on carnival event by featuring food items such as ready-to-serve hot dogs, soft pretzels, and nachos.


Bounce House for the Kids

The truth is that weddings are typically a boring event for children because they simply can’t appreciate what’s happening around them. Give them a bounce house to look forward to, however, and it’ll make the wait much more bearable… not to mention that it will give them something to do afterwards while the adults chat and mingle.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Wedding Ideas for Summer

These wedding ideas for summer should give you a great starting-off point. As the premier supplier of wedding rental services in Tampa, Elite Events & Rentals can help make your event as memorable and organized as possible. If you have any questions or would like a free quote, reach out to us by calling (727) 791-7082 to see our event rental items and schedule a free consultation.