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9 Items You Should Rent No Matter the Event!

Planning a birthday party? Here are a few things you should rent!

We often talk about what to rent for a birthday party, a work celebration, a holiday get-together, and other similar events. But, sometimes, it’s best to not be too specific and stick with the basics.


That’s what we’re going to do for today’s discussion. Without further ado, here are nine items that you should consider renting no matter what type of event is taking place (within reason, of course):


Tent & Accessories

The first thing you should definitely rent, no matter what event you’re holding, is a tent. By putting up either a frame, pole, or structure tent, you can create a bit of privacy and improve the overall appearance of your festivities. You can also add tent accessories like a fancy sidewall, a double glass door, and either cooling or heating items.


Catering Equipment

While it’s true that not every type of event requires catering, this is something that you should always consider. You can rent a large variety of catering equipment accessories, such as drink dispensers, glass pitchers, serving trays, sheet pans, chafing dishes, etc. Even if you’re making all the food yourself or getting people to help, this can make it easier to serve your guests.


Tables and Chairs

There are many different types of tables and chairs available for any event, which will allow you to fit any type of style or design you wish. You can rent a variety of chairs, including metal folding chairs, wood chairs, bar stools, and even high chairs. Tables also come in a wide range, such as round tables (knights not included), square or rectangular tables, picnic tables, etc. You can even add an umbrella for a little shade.


Flatware & Glassware

Whether you’re having a small get-together or a huge extravaganza, renting flatware and glassware makes things a whole lot easier. With flatware, you can choose from the basics, of course, including silver or gold forks, spoons, and knives, in addition to strong steak knives. There are even more types of glassware available, including water glasses, coffee cups, champagne glasses, beer pint glasses, martini glasses, and wine glasses.


Cooling or Heating

If you’re holding your event outside, then it’s best to have either cooling or heating equipment to keep your guests comfortable. If it’s during the summer months, you can set up a series of floor fans, several attachable tent fans, some cooling units, or a few 48-inch fans. During the cooler months of the year, it’s a good idea to rent several propane heaters for everyone.


Audio/Visual Equipment

You can improve any event by renting audiovisual equipment. If you have any speakers at the event, you can rent a podium or microphone stand, along with a microphone. Setting up a sound system or projector and screen is another way to liven up the festivities. And if you’re having some kind of grand opening or similar event, yes, you can actually rent a giant pair of ribbon-cutting scissors.


Bar Equipment

If your guests will mostly be adults, then you should consider renting some type of bar equipment. You can rent a full, foldable bar to make your celebration look more professional. There are also fill-and-chill party tables, large coolers, whiskey barrels, and more. Add one of these to the mix, and your event will be a success.


Phone Chargers

Many of your guests will have smartphones that could wind up running out of power during the event. Believe it or not, you can rent stylish charging plates for the guests. These come in a few different styles, including bamboo, acrylic, wood, and glass. You can also get them in a variety of colors, such as silver, red, gold, bronze, black, copper, etc. It’s a simple thing that your guests might not think about beforehand but will appreciate once they arrive.


Select Concessions

Okay, so maybe concessions wouldn’t be right for every single type of event. But this will work for most parties and celebrations. There are several different types available, such as a hot dog rotisserie, nacho cheese warmer, pretzel warmer, popcorn machine, popcorn cart, cotton candy cart, snow cone machine, and soft serve ice cream machine. Just pick one or two, and your event will instantly be better!


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