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Plan Your 4th of July Party Today!

Rent the items you need for your upcoming 4th of July party!

Filled with fireworks, great food, and friends and family, Independence Day events are always the best part of summer. It may seem a little early to start thinking about a 4th of July party, but the truth is that it’ll be here before you know it.


This year, many people will be running to the great outdoors to celebrate this patriotic event, so you should definitely be prepared. To help you get started, our intrepid staff has compiled a quick list of tips that will help you plan the perfect 4th of July party this year:


Start Off by Renting a Tent 

Even though Independence Day is still a while away, you may want to start scoping out your local party rental company to secure a tent for the event. They’ll have plenty of tents and tent accessories available, but you want to make sure that you lock one down because this will help determine the size of your event. These are typically used outdoors, but many indoor events require a tent as well.


Make It Red, White, and Blue 

Everyone knows that a July 4th celebration will be all about the red, white, and blue. You want to concentrate your decoration hunt on these three colors, which probably won’t be too difficult if you start soon enough. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you might even try to color-coordinate your tables, chairs, dinnerware, linens, etc. This is a great way to get everyone into a patriotic mood.


Plan a Summer Barbecue

There’s nothing like a summer barbecue on the Fourth of July. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can hire a professional caterer or order barbecue from a local food truck. Second, you can enlist family and friends to bring their favorite barbecue and summer food items.


We all have that one relative who practically lives to grill. Why not give them the perfect opportunity to strut their stuff?


Rent Summer Concessions

Independence Day celebrations may end with a 4th of July fireworks display, but they begin with food. Luckily, there are plenty of different summer concessions that you can rent for a low price. You might want to start with a hot dog rotisserie and popcorn machine.

After that, there’s cotton candy, snow cones, and soft serve ice cream. Any of these will work.


Schedule Plenty of Drinks

When it comes to a 4th of July party, you certainly don’t want to skimp on the variety of drinks. We suggest that you have beverages available for everyone. Make sure you cover the soda drinkers and supply water and tea for the healthy types.

It’s also a good idea to fill an ice chest or a couple buckets with beer to top off the celebration. You might even want to rent some bar equipment to keep everyone properly served.


Rent a Dance Floor

Who says you can’t cut a rug during this incredible summer celebration? There aren’t too many songs about the 4th of July, but there are quite a few about the summer. Depending on the size that you have to work with, you may want to rent a single dance floor for everyone or rent one for the adults and one for the children. Either way, renting some audio equipment to go along with it will really tie it all together.


Bounce House for the Kids

Even though today’s kids are often glued to their screens (thanks, iPhone!), they still go crazy for a good bounce house. The classic castle style is still a great choice. You may want to upgrade and rent one that has an inflatable slide included.


Games for Adults and Kids

Sure, you can schedule simple games like tag and tug-of-war, but you might want to upgrade your 4th of July party for the kids, too. We suggest that you rent one of the awesome oversized yard games such as Connect Four, checkers, chess, Jenga, or Yardzee (a take on Yahtzee, of course). You can top things off with a cornhole game that will keep children entertained for hours.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Your 4th of July Party

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