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Preparing the Best 4th of July Party

Begin Planning your 4th of July Party now!

America’s birthday should be celebrated with a memorable 4th of July party. It is not enough to serve some tasty food and drink a couple of beers while watching the fireworks. If you are considering hosting a party, make the proper preparations well ahead of time and this get-together will prove truly unforgettable for family and friends!


The Best 4th of July Parties Have Ample Seating and Accommodations

Can you imagine showing up to a 4th of July party and not having a comfortable place to sit or a table where you can place your food and drink? Don’t do this to your guests! Elite Events & Rentals has the perfect furniture, tables, and catering equipment necessary to pull off the best 4th of July party your friends and family have ever experienced. Rent spacious tents and your party guests will have somewhere cool, calm and shaded to enjoy tasty snacks and cool drinks.


Serve the Right Food at Your 4th of July Party

A 4th of July party will not prove enjoyable or memorable unless guests are provided with a wide variety of delicious food. If you do not have the proper cooking equipment, serving scrumptious food will feel like mission impossible. Rent a cotton candy machine, snow cone machine or popcorn maker and guests will have a ton of fun making their own delicious delights.


The best part about renting this party equipment is you are not on the hook for the full cost. All you have to do is pay for the rental cost and you will not have any additional financial commitment. You can rent have deep fryers, gas grills, towable grills, and stock pots. Such equipment is essential to pulling off an enjoyable get-together that people in your family and social circles reminisce over in the years ahead.


Every Party Needs a Source of Entertainment

Though food and beverages are important for pleasing party guests, it will feel as though something is missing unless you provide revelers with a source of entertainment. Liven up the party with some music and a spacious dance floor. Make sure the party has plenty of tables so guests have a place to put their drinks, food, and other items once the music hits and the urge to dance overwhelms.


Make Sure Every Party-goer has Something Enjoyable to Eat and Drink

Nowadays, people abide by an array of highly unique diets. Some people do not eat meat while others refrain from all dairy products. Certain party guests will look for non-alcoholic beverages while others will seek out wine, spirits or beer. Though we all have our favorite foods and beverages, one thing is for certain: water should be available in large quantities during this blazing hot time of the year. Make sure your 4th of July party has at least one or two coolers stocked with ice and bottled water so guests can stay hydrated throughout the entirety of the get-together.


Elite Events & Rentals Will Help You Throw the Perfect 4th of July Party

Our Tampa party rental team is here to help you pull off the perfect 4th of July party. We have everything you need for the ultimate 4th of July party or any other celebration you have in mind. Give us a call at (727) 791-7082 to find out more about our party equipment, furniture, and other celebratory niceties.