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Affordable Tent Rentals are Perfect for Your Family Get Togethers

Affordable Tent Rentals make a huge difference.

Using event rental equipment is one of the best ways for you to make planning your family get-togethers and other special events stress-free! If you’re going to be celebrating outdoors, then you definitely want to make affordable tent rentals a part of your celebration schedule. Let’s take a look at why tent rentals are a perfect addition to your party.


Tents Protect Against Bad Weather

You don’t have to be in Florida very long before realizing that many areas are often rife with inclement weather. Even when the skies are clear, you must contend with the sun beating down on you. Not to worry, though. By renting a tent for your family get-together, you’ll protect your party guests from the elements so that everyone will have an awesome time.

If it gets too hot, you can add ac units to your tent rental to keep guests cool and comfortable.


Multiple Tent Sizes are Available

Having an outdoor party doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need a huge area. To give you full flexibility for your party, tents are available in a variety of sizes. If you do have a large area, you always have the option of setting up a couple of smaller tents as opposed to one large one so that you can split up different activities or give the kids a space of their own.


Brings the Indoors… Outdoors!

When people consider renting tents for a get-together, they often think of large, open tents that they’ve seen at job fairs, farmers markets, and other such places. While this is an option, you can also choose to enclose your tents with sidewalls, in addition to choosing between a transparent and opaque appearance. This will allow you to have your party outdoors while providing more of an indoor experience.


Strong and Sturdy Construction

While tents may be an inexpensive investment, they are not lacking in quality or durability. Tents are very sturdy, even if bad weather rears its ugly head with heavy wind and rain. This will help keep your mind at ease by ensuring that your party continues unabated even in the event of wind or rain.


Rent Tent Accessories Too!

If you’re looking to step up your party planning game, there are several tent accessories available to help you accomplish that. In addition to the aforementioned sidewalls, your tent can be equipped with fans, misters, heaters, flooring, lighting, or even a dance floor. These accessories will help your guests stay comfortable and have more fun!


Affordable Tent Rentals for You

Not only does Elite Events & Rentals offer the best affordable tent rentals in the Tampa Bay area, but we’ll also handle the setup and breakdown of any party rental equipment you decide to rent from us. To learn more about our services and the equipment we offer, call us at (727) 791-7082 and schedule a free consultation!