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Begin Planning Your Autumn Wedding Ideas Now!

Planning your Autumn Wedding

Autumn weddings are trendy and with good reasons! The autumn season offers scenic wedding backgrounds with amazing color palettes, bold florals, and seasonal ingredients. Below are some great autumn wedding ideas to help you plan your special day.


Why Have an Autumn Wedding?

Are you stuck between deciding on a fall or a summer wedding in Tampa? If so, the following are some of the allures associated with fall weddings:

  • You will get amazing photos, especially if you incorporate the colorfully vibrant environment into your pictures to add more interest.
  • Fall is the perfect season for organizing outdoor events thanks to its cooler weather. You can, therefore, take maximum advantage of wedding equipment rentals to have a fun, hassle-free outdoor wedding.
  • Autumn’s seasonal foods and drinks, like pumpkin cheesecakes and seasonal teas, add that extra fall cheer to your event.


Read on to find the best fall wedding ideas:


Add a Velvet Touch

The moody autumnal tones and variations of blue can complement the season. You can also get an even better chic fall wedding by adding velvet with vibrant jewel tones. Use this stylish fabrication across all your wedding accessories, from the table setting and furniture to your fashion styling, and you’ll get a seasonally appropriate look that is still perfectly posh.


With velvet, you want to focus on personal touches and luxurious details for Tampa tent rentals. As exceptional fall wedding ideas, you can have velvet ribbons placed around menus and programs.


Creative Fashion

Creative alternatives to traditional alabaster and ivory colors, like prints, colorful florals, and bridal dresses are typically encouraged across all wedding seasons. However, the fall season makes it far easier for people to try out bolder-tone colors and deeper prints without losing the critical timelessness and uniqueness that bridal gowns require.


Add stylish ideas to your gown by incorporating things like high necklines, prints, low-high hems, among others. These autumn wedding ideas allow for more creativity and will enable you to stand out truly. Besides, be adventurous and choose wedding accessories and designs you love.


Go Natural

Because wedding tent rentals in Tampa protect you from adverse weather elements, you can afford to go natural with your hair and makeup, while embracing the fall color palette in your décor, fashion, and flowers.


Be daring and think of burnt oranges, harvest browns, and champagne for a timeless yet elegant look. You can get even more laid-back vibes by opting to use organic products.


Hanging Foliage

Hanging greenery and blooms alongside unique light fixtures can wow your guests. Here, you don’t want to overwhelm the space; rather, you want to add that visual experience. Expressly, this seemingly insignificant detail adds an extra layer of decorative elements that transform Tampa party rentals into beautiful wedding tents.


Add Tapered candles

In a Tampa setting, tapered candles instantly give the impression of elegance and offer a dynamic stage as they gradually melt. Let’s just say; they are a whole vibe!


Add this look by incorporating towering candelabras with various shapes and heights, for an inherently warm and intimate look. Remember to consider when to light up your candles to avoid a situation where they burn down too early. Also, you can opt to either leave the candelabras bare for an enchanting, yet elegant look, or adorn them with some flowers or greenery.


The Chill-Out Zone

Set up a Zen zone in one corner of the tents with a fall vibe. Excellent autumn wedding ideas here may involve having luxury velvet armchairs and sofas in purple or red options. Add some stylish antique rugs to create a relaxed, comfy feel along with some cinnamon-scented candles to evoke that sense of autumn.


Elite Events & Rentals is ready to assist you in setting up the perfect autumn wedding and reception this year. Our reputable team can help you have your dream wedding. Contact us for all your wedding tent rentals in Tampa in addition to catering equipment.