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Graduation Canceled? Plan a Backyard Graduation Party This Summer!

Plan your backyard graduation party with a party rental company!

Graduation ceremonies have signaled an important milestone for decades. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, graduation ceremonies across the United States have largely been canceled due to health and safety concerns. Many grads are having celebrations in their backyard instead. Today, we’re going to look at a few backyard graduation party ideas and tips.


Begin Making Plans as Early as Possible

If you want your backyard graduation party to be successful, make plans as early as possible. Since your school is likely to have dozens of parties going on in some fashion over the summer, you want to make plans so people will be able to attend. In most cases, students will probably be perfectly fine with going to a few parties in the same day, but you may want to coordinate with other parents to make things a bit easier.


Decide on the Maximum Guest Count

Graduation ceremonies and parties are often massive events, but schools have more than enough room. Since your backyard is most likely limited in terms of space, and you need to decide what your maximum guest count will be. This is no different than planning a wedding or other celebrity event. If your backyard turns out to be too small, then perhaps a friend or family member will allow you to use theirs.


Use Backyard Graduation Party Tents

It’s no secret that Florida summers get quite hot, and it’s important that you protect your guests from the heat. Tampa tent rentals are your best bet because they provide shaded protection from the sun. This helps to ensure that you don’t have to cut the party short because your guests are getting uncomfortable. These tents may take a bit of time to set up, so it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional.


Rent Equipment from an Event Organizer

Floridians love to have grand celebrations, which is why event rental equipment in Tampa has become so popular. When planning your background graduation party, you want to rent party equipment instead of purchasing it, especially since you aren’t likely to use most of it on a regular basis. A professional event company can supply you with tables, chairs, utensils, tents, cooking equipment, concessions, and everything else you need to make the party spectacular.


Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable

Renting tents for a backyard graduation party is a great way to keep guests comfortable, but it often isn’t quite enough in many areas of Florida. Adding tent fans or misters will provide an amazing level of comfort, even for those who have a difficult time being out in the heat. If you’re especially concerned about high temperatures or plan to have an extended party, this is definitely the way to go.


Plan a Short Graduation Ceremony

Since many graduation ceremonies have been canceled completely, it’s a good idea to celebrate with your own ceremony as part of your backyard graduation party. Parents can even work together to design a sizable ceremony that includes multiple sons and/or daughters. While this may not be the same as a large ceremony taking place at their school, it will definitely add more lasting memories to the event.


Order Plenty of Food and Beverages

No graduation party is complete without a large selection of food and beverages. You don’t want to invite over a bunch of people and leave food off of the event’s to-do list. Family and friends can bring in their own food while a professional event company can supply you with cooking and catering equipment. You can also add a professional caterer if you’d like.


Organize a Backyard Graduation Party with Elite Events & Rentals

Elite Events & Rentals can help plan your backyard graduation party so that it goes off without a hitch. If you need more graduation party ideas or need Tampa party rental services, visit our website or call (727) 791-7082.