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Backyard Wedding Checklist: How to Plan Your Backyard Wedding

Your backyard wedding checklist.

Although it would be impossible to pinpoint exactly when a person’s wedding was first referred to as their “big day,” the term has been passed on from generation to generation for one simple reason – it fits! After all, when it comes to special events where you gather up your closest family members and friends, there’s nothing quite like it.


Having your big day outside is a great idea, but it presents you with so many different options that it’s sometimes easy to lose track. To help give you a leg up and make sure the day goes beautifully, we’ve compiled some useful tips into a backyard wedding checklist.


Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Unless you have a very experienced person in your family who’s willing to do all the work, then you should definitely consider hiring a wedding planner. These consummate professionals will help ensure every detail is covered from beginning to end. They’ll present you with many wedding ideas that you may have never considered, and if any issues arise, you can call them up for advice and resolution.


Double Check the Guest List

A huge part of planning a backyard wedding is the creation of a guest list. The number of people you choose to attend will have a lot to do with the wedding venue, your overall budget, and who you’d like to be present on your special day. It’s important that you check and double check this guest list so that no one important gets left off, which can lead to hurt feelings and an awkward situation.


Rent a Sizable Tent or Two

If you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, then you’ll need to ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. When planning an outdoor wedding, you always need to consider the elements, especially in Florida where it gets quite warm during several months of the year. A tent will help solve this problem, especially if you add items such as misters, fans, and/or side walls.


Rent a Sizable Dance Floor

Your wedding day won’t be complete without the signature dance your guests will be expecting. They want to get their groove on, as well, so it’s important that you provide them with a sizable dance floor to make that possible. You can rent a dance floor along with audio equipment and you won’t even have to worry about setting it all up because the rental company will do it for you.


Consider Having an Open Bar

Whether you’re planning to have your backyard wedding reception at the same place as your wedding venue or will be moving the celebration inside, consider having an open bar. Everyone knows this isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s a great way to say thank you to many of your guests. To keep everything under control and responsible, offer a certain number of drink tickets to each person who attends.


Rent the Basic Necessities

The best way to gather up all the basic necessities for any wedding is by renting them at a single location. An event rental company will be able to supply tables and chairs, dinner and glassware, catering equipment, tents, dance floors, audio/video equipment, and many other items that you may need. They’ll also perform the setup and breakdown of everything, which takes one more worry off your background wedding checklist.


Set Up Portable Restrooms

If your backyard wedding is going to be relatively small, then you always have the option of opening up the home – including the restroom – where the event is being held. For larger weddings or outdoor venues other than the backyard that don’t offer their own facilities, then you should definitely set up at least a few portable restrooms. Trust us – this will ensure that the event goes smoothly for everyone!


Don’t Forget Parking Needs

Parking is always such a big part of every event, but it’s sometimes treated as an afterthought. You definitely don’t want to do this with your outdoor wedding. You don’t want your guests to show up without very clear directions as to where they’re supposed to go for parking. It’s always a good idea to provide a parking map, if needed, along with a few people to direct incoming visitors to the proper area.


Make Plans for the Cleanup

Everyone loves to throw a successful celebration, but no one really likes to clean up afterwards. If you rent some of the equipment, then the rental company will take down the tents and gather up any items for you so that you don’t need any friends or family members to do it. For everything that’s left over, either enlist a few people or hire a cleaning crew for the job.

Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Items on Your Backyard Wedding Checklist

This backyard wedding checklist should give you a great head start to your special day. If you need help with wedding rentals in Tampa or would like a quote, the experts at Elite Events & Rentals are standing by to assist you. Give us a call at (727) 791-7082 today.