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How to Host a Fantastic Backyard Wedding Reception

How to throw a memorable backyard wedding reception.

People across the country have been forced to change their plans for vacation, family get-togethers, business travel, and all sorts of other events as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our daily lives. Since large venues are mostly unavailable due to various shutdowns and advance bookings, astute couples have been considering a backyard wedding reception as a way to celebrate their nuptials with their closest families and friends. All it takes are a few backyard wedding ideas and a reputable company that deals with event rental equipment to create an exceptional time for the happy couple and their guests.


Take Plenty of Time to Plan

You may be antsy to get married, but that’s no reason to rush your reception plans. Spend at least a month or two creating a battle plan to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. If you need assistance, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional wedding planner who can handle most tasks remotely over the phone or through video chat.


Create a Special Theme

Themed weddings have increased in popularity, especially “nerdy” pop culture themes. If you’ve decided to have a more traditional wedding, then your reception is the perfect time to let your hair down and have a little fun with the help of wedding accessories that add to your chosen theme.


Hire a Professional Gardener

Your backyard must be in immaculate condition for the reception. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring a professional gardener to stop by just a few days prior to the event. They can mow the grass, shape the hedges, trim the trees, and perform clean-up duties that will impress your guests.


Rent Tables, Chairs, Etc.

Even if you have tons of friends who have access to hosting items, your best choice is to turn to a professional company that handles wedding rentals. This will provide you with several different choices of tables, chairs, linens, dishes, silverware, catering equipment, and more.


Set Up a Tent for Comfort

With the Florida sun being what it is during the summer, your backyard wedding reception can become uncomfortable for guests without the use of tents. In addition to standard wedding tent rentals being a popular part of a successful reception, options such as tent fans and misters are all the rage.


Consider a Fun Photo Booth

Many couples have no idea that this kind of thing even exists. Photo booths come with a variety of options, both physical and virtual. You can choose props for people to wear such as extravagant hats and superhero masks or virtual filters such as animals, flowers, and other such details. It’s a fun way for guests to engage with each other.


Don’t Forget the Dance Floor

Even if guests have changed out of their dress shoes and are wearing tennis shoes (no crocs, please), you don’t want them dancing on grass and dirt. If you have enough room in your backyard, a dance floor is the perfect way to trip the light fantastic. Plus, people are more likely to dance and have fun if there’s a specific area to do so.


Keep the Kids Entertained

Let’s be real – the kids who were invited to the wedding already sat through an event that probably didn’t hold their attention. A reception can be boring for them, too, which is exactly why creating an area with a giant outdoor checkers game, large Connect 4 game, and maybe even a bounce house can be a godsend for everyone.


Trust Elite Events & Rentals for Your Backyard Wedding Reception

Thanks to our dedication and hard work, Elite Events & Rents has become the quintessential Tampa party rental company. Our team can help make your backyard wedding reception something truly special. For more backyard wedding ideas or any questions, please contact us by calling (727) 791-7082 to schedule a no-cost consultation.