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Bat Mitzvah Party Rental Ideas: What to Rent for Your Celebration!

What to rent for your Bat Mitzvah party!

As most people know, a bat mitzvah is a very important milestone in a young Jewish girl’s life. This coming-of-age ritual happens when young girls turn 12 and is a celebration for family and friends to welcome her into the rights and obligations of Jewish adulthood.


This religious ceremony is taken very seriously, but it’s also a casual event for people close to this young girl. These events can be quite lavish, which means you’ll need to pick up many different types of supplies to make it happen. To help you along, we’re going to take a look at some of the items that you can rent for an upcoming bat mitzvah party.


Outdoor Tents

With so many bat mitzvah celebrations taking place outside, many Florida residents will rent a tent for the party. This is a great way to keep guests protected from the sun, wind, rain, and other elements depending on the time of year and the weather conditions. You can also use a tent to create a sense of privacy and prevent people from getting into your business while you celebrate this important milestone.


Tent Accessories

Tent rentals are quite popular in the state of Florida, and in many situations, you’ll also want to rent an accessory or two. If you want more privacy or protection from the elements, you can add a sidewall that will effectively enclose the tent. Also, depending on the weather, you may want to rent a few other tent accessories such as fans, heaters, or misters to keep everyone comfortable.


Tables and Chairs

While part of the bat mitzvah party will involve people being on their feet during the celebration, part of the event will require sitting. This means that you’ll need to gather up some tables and chairs for everyone. Renting these items is much easier than getting friends or family members to loan you theirs, especially since they might not match each other very well.


Dinnerware and Flatware

Many event organizers don’t even consider renting dinnerware and flatware because they’re such small items. The problem is that an average get-together where food is served will typically need a large number of dinnerware and flatware options to accommodate the guests. Just like with tables and chairs, renting these items will save you time and money, and you’ll be able to make sure everything matches.


Catering Equipment

No matter what type of food you’ll be serving at the party, you should consider renting a few pieces of catering equipment. Popular items include drink dispensers, coffee markers, chafing dishes, beverage fountains, serving trays, serving tongs, and much more. These items will make catering and serving a lot easier for everyone involved.


Photo Booth

If you really want to liven up your bat mitzvah party, then you should consider renting a photo booth for the day. This allows all of your guests the opportunity to get a fun picture that they can take home with them. You can also step it up a notch by renting a photo booth that comes with its own props such as hats, sunglasses, and other items that guests can use for the photos. This memento is something guests can enjoy for years to come.


Dance Floor

Whether or not your guest of honor will want to dance during the event, you should still rent a dance floor for everyone. This is a wonderful way to keep guests entertained after the traditional part of the celebration. You can also rent audio equipment that allows you to hook up an iPod so that your guests will have plenty of music to enjoy.


Live Entertainment

Although this may not count as a rental, per se, hiring live entertainment for a bat mitzvah party is a great idea. Since this particular event is about a Jewish child becoming an adult, you’ll probably want to skip the kiddie entertainment such as magicians or people who make balloon animals. Instead, concentrate on hiring either a DJ or band that offers the type of music that the guest of honor enjoys.



Many people tend to think of concessions as something you can rent for a child’s party, but trust us when we say that adults love them, too. There are several different types of concessions to choose from such as hot dog rotisseries and popcorn machines, but cotton candy and snow cone machines are especially popular. Choose a few favorites and everyone at the bat mitzvah party – kids and adults alike – will absolutely love it.


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