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Cinco De Mayo is Almost Here! Here’s How to Plan a Great Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo party planning can be a breeze by renting the equipment and goods you need!

The country will soon be celebrating another Cinco de Mayo and we couldn’t be more excited! This is a wonderful way for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to celebrate their heritage with family and friends!


If you still need supplies for the party, that’s perfectly okay. We want to help you with your Cinco de Mayo party planning efforts, so we’ve put together some last-minute suggestions that will help your celebration of Mexican culture go off without a hitch.


Plenty of Decorations

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up plenty of decorations and party favors. Party supply stores will have many types of Cinco de Mayo decorations available, but you can also check your local department stores. Grab some decorations like streamers, party hats, sombreros, balloons, paper lanterns, papel picado banners, and Mexican flags along with party favors such as poppers and sparklers.


Mexican Food Favorites

A big part of Cinco de Mayo party planning is organizing traditional Mexican food for the event. Favorite food items include tacos, burritos, tortillas, tostadas, street corn, and nachos. If you really want to impress your guests, set up a taco bar station with everything that’s needed to put together their own tacos in just a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to have margaritas available for the responsible adults!


Catering Equipment

Unless you’re hiring a caterer for the party, you should consider renting some catering equipment to make it easier for guests to be served. Depending on what types of foods you’re making available, you may want to rent some bowls, serving spoons, serving forks, beverage dispensers, and other necessary items. You can also rent dinnerware and tableware that will properly match the party’s décor.


Cover Up Your Guests

Tent rentals are very popular in Florida because you need something to protect your guests from the sun and heat. This is also a wonderful way to create a sense of privacy for the party. Since the weather is typically quite warm on Cinco de Mayo, you may also want to have tent accessories like fans and perhaps even sidewalls installed to make sure that everyone stays cool throughout the party.


Rent Tables and Chairs

You want to give your guests plenty of areas at the party for them to sit, rest, chat, and eat. The great thing about renting tables and chairs is that you’ll be able to match them up to the party’s décor in the same way as the dinnerware and tableware. This also means that you won’t need to ask friends or family to borrow their tables and chairs, which can become troublesome and inconvenient.


Dance Floor and Music

The three basic elements of Cinco De Mayo party planning include decorations, food, and music. Renting a sound system with an iPod hook-up is an easy way to supply mariachi music, other traditional Mexican music, and maybe even some American favorites. Since this is such a lively holiday, setting up a dance floor (which you can also rent) is another great idea.


Rent Some Concessions

Parties are always better when guests are supplied with a few concession stands. The best part is that almost every type of concessions that are typically available will fit right in to a Cinco de Mayo party. Adults and kids alike will love to have an endless supply of popcorn, snow cones, ice cream, and other favorites at their disposal throughout the party.


Put Up Some Piñatas

Last, but certainly not least, pick up a few piñatas at your local party supply store or department store. There are many different types to choose from, including ones that are reminiscent of Mexican heritage and entertainment. You can hang up the piñatas as decorations for most of the party and then take them all down toward the end, gather up the kids, and let them have their fun!


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Cinco De Mayo Party Planning

Elite Events & Rentals can supply you with a large variety of event rental equipment in Tampa and the nearby areas for all types of parties, celebrations, and events. If you need any help with Cinco de Mayo party planning or have any questions about last minute rentals, give us a call at (727) 791-7082 today.