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10 Great Corporate Event Ideas for Your Business in Tampa

Treat your team to these corporate event ideas!


Corporate events are more than a simple winter holiday party or annual board retreat. Instead, corporate events are a way to create connections among employees, say thank you for everyone’s hard work, and to take a little break from the daily grind of corporate life. These occasions become an important part of your culture, so you’ll want to get started with some corporate event ideas that will wow and inspire your work crew.


1. All-Weather Outdoors

Florida as a whole may be known for great weather, but even in Tampa, you can risk an unwanted rain or a colder and windier day. Don’t let that trap your event indoors, instead, choose from gorgeous rental tents to let the sun in while keeping the weather out. Your staff is already indoors during the work way, let the sunshine in to liven up your event.

You can add a great picnic setup, or drinks and cocktails under the stars without fear of cancellation. Stock up on fun outdoor games that can be brought inside the tent as needed like bean bag toss and giant Jenga.


2. Pay it Forward Scavenger Hunt

Begin your event by giving back. A great way to promote both social consciousnesses as well as improve diversity and inclusion, this event begins at the community and ends at your gathering. Provide each employee with 5 $5 gift cards for coffee and groceries and a list of people to give them to a grandparent, an artist, a service worker, a parent and child, and a person who does not look like you. Snap a quick photo and then share your results at the team gala. Prizes go to crowd favorites and fastest givers.


3. Dance Party

There are few ways to blow off steam like dancing. Let your group unwind with a music-filled event filled with fun and laughter. Set everything up through quality event rental equipment and inquire about a dance floor, DJ, choice of tunes, lights, and catering. If you’ve got the kind of employees who love to participate, consider a fun karaoke night too.


4. Share your Culture Potluck

Corporate event ideas don’t have to be complicated. A great workplace is made from people with different customs and ideas, sharing their diverse perspectives to create a greater whole. One of the easiest ways to learn more about people is through food. Try a themed potluck where each person brings a purchased or prepared dish that represents a memory of their home and family. Or, if you want to go the “cookout route” rent catering equipment, tables, chairs, linens, and cutlery for a magnificent feast!


5. Create a Carnival

For those who remember going to the fair or circus, this event idea is for you. Set up booths with adult and children’s games and invite your employees and families. Make a day of it at your own corporate carnival — but don’t forget the necessities like snacks, restrooms, and dining stations. Fortunately, you can find all this event rental equipment in Tampa.


6. Food Truck Rodeo

Try your own Bite of Tampa by hiring a series of food trucks to create a food sampling event. This is one easy way to please a large number of pallets. Add a special corporation-themed with decor, cake cutting, and fancy catering equipment to turn this opportunity into an event.


7. Puzzle or Escape Rooms

One fantastic way to build teamwork is through shared problem-solving. Set up a group, or groups, to try their skills at different puzzles and escape rooms. You can even create a puzzle-themed luncheon to match with your favorite Tampa party rental. It’s great when you can expand skills an have fun too.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for More Corporate Event Ideas and for Party Rental Equipment

So get ready for your next gathering with these fun corporate event ideas. When you need to rent party and event equipment, contact Elite Events & Rentals today! We have so much to offer and the services you need are ready and available. Celebrate your team with the perfect gathering.