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Indoor Furniture You Can Rent for Outdoor Parties

What kind of indoor furniture can you rent and use outdoors?

Event furniture rentals can make entertaining friends and family a whole lot easier. Whether you’re planning a 4th of July party or other type of summer celebration, it’s easy to find what you need. Today, let’s take a look at a few types of indoor furniture that can be used as outdoor furniture, along with a few other important items.


Tents & Accessories

Before we get into event furniture rental, we need to talk about the importance of tents and tent accessoriesTent rentals are very popular in Florida because they protect your guests from the season’s warm weather and provide privacy. They also give you the option of adding side walls and doors that are both functional and improve the tent’s appearance. So, consider this your “indoor” setting for furniture rentals for your party or event.


Cooling Equipment

Whether you’re planning an Independence Day celebration or other type of summer party, you need to consider the fact that it’ll be hot outside. The good news is that current technology allows you to easily take indoor cooling equipment and use it outdoors. You can start with either large pedestal fans or smaller fans that attach to the pole of a tent. If you need to cool off a large area, you can use a cool box, which is basically an indoor/outdoor air conditioner.


Indoor Tables

Many different types of outdoor events require tables for people to gather around for meals and other uses. You can go with picnic tables if you’d like, but there are several different types of indoor tables that you can set up outside. These include round bistro tables, wood folding tables, kids’ tables, farm-style rustic tables, and even conference tables. Any of these will work well outside with or without a tent.


Indoor Chairs

Whether you need tables and chairs or only require chairs on their own, this is another indoor furniture item that can be used outside. A rental company will typically have many different types of high-quality indoor chairs available. These include folding chairs, padded chairs, barstools, lounge chairs, metal chairs, and others. You can also rent wood benches that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.


Lounge Loveseat

In recent years, lounge furniture rentals have increased in popularity because it’s a great way to bring the indoors to an outdoor environment! You can actually cheat just a little by renting patio furniture that emulates the indoor experience and includes a couch, chairs, and table. But, the crème de la crème of indoor furniture is the lounge loveseat that can provide guests with a comfortable, intimate option.



In addition to event furniture rental, you should consider other items to keep your guests happy. Since everyone loves to eat, renting a few concession stands is the perfect way to celebrate the summer. There are several different types available including machines and dispensers that serve hot dogs, cotton candy, ice cream, popcorn, snow cones, large pretzels, and more.


Large Kid’s Games

Everyone knows that bounce houses are extremely popular for outdoor entertainment, but there are plenty of indoor games that can be brought outside, but with a twist. This includes large versions of traditional indoor games such as Connect Four, checkers, chess, Jenga, and Yahtzee (called Yardzee). Their large size will delight adults and kids alike and will really make an impact at the party.


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