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5 Questions to ask an Event Rental Company Before Planning Your Event

What information should you gather before working with an event rental company?

Your big event needs to be both impressive and seamless. It’s not just any day that you’re celebrating. Food, music, seating, and entertainment all matter. Since this is a special occasion, you probably need some help including finding a provider of event rental equipment to ease the stress of planning and hosting.


Here are five questions to ask your Tampa party rental company when planning an event:


What kind of party rental equipment do you offer?

The first question you should ask before booking an event rental company is what exactly do they offer to rent? Does the company provide full-service catering or only partial? Can they provide a table and seating for the family reunion? Do they have catering equipment? Browse the company’s inventory and talk to the customer service agent to see if they have the right party rentals for you.


What kind of experience do you have in the area?

Does your event company have experience in your area? What about in your specific style of event? An experienced event manager will understand not only how to manage time and staff, but also what permits you may need for your event.


While it’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, you probably don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for equipment that doesn’t match your needs. Check the experience of the event rental company as well as reviews on Yelp and Google. It’s unlikely you’ll find a veteran company with 100% perfect reviews, but the majority of comments should be positive and constructive.


Tell me about your tents?

Let’s face it — bad weather can occur at the worst moments. If you are planning an outdoor event, you’ll want to have a contingency for rain and inclement weather. Even if the sun shines, you may want your food and ceremony shaded on a hot day. Ask about tent rentals to make sure your company is prepared for everything. You may even need to set up a plan to move things on short notice or erect a set of tents at speed. If so, you’ll need staff and equipment on hand to react quickly.


Describe your reservation process?

Will you need to book your tents two years in advance? Is there a deposit required? The reservation process differs between different event companies, which is why you need to know the details. Ask about customizing your event and making changes based on the number of RSVP’s as you go. Inquire about rental fees and damage deposits. Are these refundable deposits or instead services fees? While you can’t think of it now, make sure you understand how and when you can cancel the reservation if needed too.


Don’t forget to ask if gratuity is included in your estimate, or if this is extra.


What about food or decorations?

Does the company provide their own cooking equipment? Will you be required to bring great-grandma’s tablecloth when setting up the buffet? Food and decor matter, and the requirements of what you can and cannot bring yourself can change with each organizer and location. Think of a wedding cake. You won’t necessarily get this item from the same person who’s serving kabobs after the ceremony. Freedom of vendors is something you need to know. Check to see what items you must provide on your own, what you can customize, and what each of these options means in cost and comfort.


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So, what are you waiting for? You’re only five steps away from choosing your party rental equipment. Contact Elite Events & Rentals today for more information about our event rental company in Tampa. Learn what rentals are available in tents, items, and services, along with details on costs and reservations. Plan for things to run smoothly and for problems to happen. Get started now by calling for a no-cost consultation!