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Are Tents Really Necessary for Corporate Christmas Parties?

Why you should rent tents for corporate Christmas parties.

Since it’s November, many people out there are going to start planning for their corporate Christmas parties very soon. This means you’ll need to start thinking about Christmas decorations, food, beverages, and other things you’ll need for a great party! Many items you’ll need for the party can be rented instead of purchased, so you can save money and time. Today, we’re going to take a look at why choosing event tents for rent should be on your to-do list.


Protects Guests from the Cold

Even though Florida isn’t subject to extremely frigid winters, a nip in the air at a corporate Christmas party could put the kibosh on the activities. Renting a tent will automatically keep guests protected from the cold on most nights. But if the weather forecast calls for colder temperatures, you can also rent tent accessories such as sidewalls to block out the cold and floor heaters to warm everything up.


The Party Will Look More Professional

Event tents will automatically make your party look more professional and well-organized. The tents you get from a professional rental company are made of high-quality materials and come in a variety of types and sizes. This gives you plenty of options, including adding two or more tents to a single location, with each one being designated for certain activities such as adding a dance floor or kids’ entertainment.


Renting Tents Gives Your Party Some Privacy

While crashing a party may look like fun in a movie or be perfectly okay when Tom Hanks does it for a quick selfie with party guests, it’s not so fun in most situations. Plus, your guests might be annoyed or bothered if they’re constantly dealing with onlookers who are in the vicinity. You can fix both of these issues with a tent because it will provide privacy for your guests and you have the option of a single entrance to help stop strangers from wandering in.


There is plenty of space for decorations.

Perhaps the greatest thing about event tents for rent is the amount of space you’ll have to work with. This will allow you to put all types of items inside, especially Christmas decorations such as a tree, wreaths, a plastic snowman, or whatever else your heart desires. You also have plenty of room to rent some concession stands for the kids, such as popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy.


Tables and chairs are optional.

Tents are very versatile, so feel free to fill them up with tables and chairs to accommodate all of your guests, as needed. The best thing about renting tables, chairs, dinnerware and flatware, linens, and other such items is that you can make sure everything matches. This is another great way to add some professionalism and holiday spirit to the party!


There are no issues with setup or drop-off.

Organizing a corporate Christmas party is a lot of fun. Having the party is a lot of fun, too. What isn’t so much fun is putting up the tents and other items that you’ll need for the festivities.


When you rent items for your party, anything you’ve rented will be delivered to the location, set up for you, and then picked up afterwards. This takes away a lot of hassle and effort on the part of your company and its employees.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals to rent some event tents.

Elite Events & Rentals has plenty of event rental equipment in Tampa to make your corporate Christmas party a success. If you have any questions about event tents for rent or any of our other items, reach out to us at (727) 791-7082 today.