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Father’s Day Party Ideas: Rent the Equipment You Need!

A few Father’s Day party ideas for your dad celebration!

If you’re like most people, you’re probably very excited that June has finally arrived because you can now plan one of the most celebrated events of the year. No, we’re not talking about Marvel’s new Loki series (though, that’s great, too) – we’re talking about Father’s Day!


There are so many incredible ways to honor the dads in our lives that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We’re going to save you some footwork and go over some of our favorite Father’s Day party ideas, including equipment you can rent to make it truly spectacular.


Make It a Theme Party

If you want the event to stand out, choose a theme that you know your father will absolutely love. This could be based on a specific movie, sport, or hobby that he enjoys. There are plenty of party decorations available for pretty much every type of theme that you can imagine, even many obscure ones, so feel free to go wild.


Set Up Some Outdoor Tents

Since it’s the summer season, there’s a good chance that you’ll want your Father’s Day celebration to take place outside. If this is part of your plan, then you definitely want to rent a tent or two so your guests will be protected from the Florida sun. You can also add tent accessories such as sidewalls for privacy and either fans or misters to keep everyone cooled off.


Hit the Grill!

No Father’s Day party would be complete without plenty of food, and what better way to prepare that food than on the grill?. Burgers and hot dogs are traditional summer fare, but you can also add chicken, steak, and even shrimp if that’s what your dad likes. You can spice it up even further by grilling up some barbecue items such as beef tips, spare ribs, and more.


It’s a Dance Party!

Whether your dad likes to get down and boogie or prefers a more mellow atmosphere, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rent a dance floor for the occasion. Even if your father is the type of guy who you’ll need to force onto the dance floor, many of your guests will love to take advantage of the opportunity.

Add in a perfect playlist based on some of their favorite tunes and you’ll really have something going. You can even set up a separate dance floor for the kids to help keep them entertained!


Do-It-Yourself Beer Tasting

If your father is a beer lover, then a do-it-yourself beer tasting event might be a perfect idea. If he and his friends have some favorites, make sure to include those. It’s also fun to head down to a large liquor store, pick out a wide variety of types he’s never tried before, and set up a lengthy taste test. This is a wonderful way for friends and family to celebrate the occasion. Just be sure everyone drinks responsibly.


Embrace Their Inner Child

It’s a sad truth that we all get older, but who says we can’t embrace our inner child every once in awhile? Father’s Day is a perfect excuse to act just a wee bit childish. One way to accomplish this is by renting concessions such as machines that dispense popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy. This is also a great opportunity to provide hot dogs on rotisserie, nachos and nacho cheese, and other old-time favorites.


Have a Movie Marathon

If your dad’s a movie fan, you should consider renting some audio/video equipment and starting up a movie marathon for the day. If children will be attending, then you might want to forgo putting on some Tarantino or Peckinpah flicks and instead choose a few family-friendly favorites. Not only will your father love it, but it’s a great way to entertain guests throughout the party.


Don’t Forget About the Kids!

There’s a good chance you’ll have some kids at your party and you definitely want to keep them entertained. Setting up a dance floor, as suggested above, is one strategy that typically works. Renting concessions such as cotton candy and ice cones is another. If you want them to have even more fun, rent a bounce house. This can occupy their time for hours and beats them sitting around playing games on their smartphones.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Father’s Day Party Equipment Rentals

These Father’s Day party ideas should give you a good head start on planning a celebration for the special dad in your life. Elite Events & Rentals can make it a whole lot easier by providing you with party rental equipment such as tables, chairs, concessions, catering equipment, dance floors, and a whole lot more. If you’re in need of event rental equipment in Tampa or have any questions, reach out to us by calling (727) 791-7082 to schedule a free consultation!