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Fun Party Games for Adults and Kids!

What are some fun party games you can rent for your child’s birthday party?!

If you’re planning to have your child’s birthday party soon, then it’s important you keep them entertained from beginning to end. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a quick list of fun party games for adults and kids that only require a few supplies, if any at all!

Musical Chairs

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more classic kids’ game than musical chairs. The concept is simple – you start with one less chair than people and begin playing music. When the music stops, every adult and child rushes to the closest chair and the one left standing is out for the next round. Rinse and repeat until there’s only one person left.

Tug of War

If you’re looking for a fun game that will help kids get out some of that pent-up energy, tug of war is one to consider. All you need is a rope, either a visible or invisible line to cross, and a group of willing participants. Just be sure that you put enough small kids and bigger kids on each side to help even out the competition.

Bounce House

Renting a bounce house for a birthday party will make you extremely popular. While there isn’t really a party game for kids involved with a bounce house, you definitely should make it a part of the festivities. Not only is it fun for children and a great way to get their energy out, but it will give the adults an opportunity to take a break since all the kids will be in one spot.

Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail on the Donkey has always been one of the most popular birthday party games. These days, you don’t even have to opt for a donkey. There are many other types of animals available, in addition to famous cartoon characters. In case you’re wondering about anyone getting poked by the pin, they make versions with magnets now, too.

Giant Checkers

If you have enough room in your backyard, renting a giant game of checkers will really spice up a party. The game is played just like regular checkers except the game pieces are about a thousand times larger. Checkers is also a game that kids can easily learn so they don’t really need to have any experience with it beforehand.

Giant Chess

Yes, it’s true – several fun party games involve giant versions of your favorites. If your party consists of older kids, then you may want to set up a giant chess set. These rentable sets take up a bit of room but imagine the fun they’ll have as they pick up the knight or bishop and start walking them around the board.

Hot Potato

Think of this as musical chair, but with a hot potato instead. The hot potato in this case can be a bean bag, ball, or any type of object. Kids and adults will sit in a circle and pass the hot potato around while music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the item will be out for that round. This continues until there’s a winner.

Giant Jenga

You truly haven’t played an outdoor party game until you’ve played giant Jenga. This game can be rented and works exactly like the normal Jenga game, except the pieces are much bigger. Don’t worry about any safety concerns, though – although the pieces are big, they’re also lightweight and soft.

Giant Yardzee

In case the name didn’t give it away, this is Yahtzee but on a much larger scale. The kids will have a blast rolling the dice around the yard and all you’ll need to do is keep score. Although these dice are large, they’re also soft and safe just like the Jenga pieces.

Truths and a Lie

A great game to get kids thinking and perhaps winding down a little bit is called two truths and a lie. It works by a child using their imagination to come up with a single lie about themselves along with two (or more) truths. Then, each kid gets to vote on which one he or she believes is the lie and those who guess correctly get a point for that round. The winner is the kid who gets the most points after each child has taken his or her turn.

Rent a Dance Floor!

Whether you use a dance floor to play a game or not, it will liven up the festivities. These can be rented in several different sizes, along with audio equipment that will allow you to blast tunes while the adults and kids get jiggy with it (although they probably have a more modern phrase for that kind of thing). If you feel so inclined, you can have a dance-off, but just make sure you focus on fun more than competition.

Giant Connect Four

To round out our “giant theme,” we can’t forget to mention renting an oversized Connect Four game for the party. Connect Four is very easy to learn and even young kids can typically compete with somewhat older kids. This is also a strategy kind of game, so it’s not just good for the party but also good for their critical thinking skills.

Scavenger Hunt

If you have a large enough area outside, then you should consider setting up a scavenger hunt. You can either make up your own clues or search online for dozens or perhaps even hundreds of options. This is the perfect game for children because it keeps them active, gets them thinking, and rewards them at the end. Just make sure that all of the participants get some type of reward.


While concessions aren’t considered games, birthday parties are always better when there’s plenty of food options. Renting concessions isn’t expensive and you have the choice between serving lunch food such as hot dogs or nachos and snacks like cotton candy or ice cream. Any of these will brighten up a kid’s day, but we all know they’d probably prefer sweets.

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