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How to Throw the Best Holiday Birthday Party!

A few tips to throw the best holiday themed birthday party.

Millions of kids and adults across the country celebrate their birthday close to a holiday, but especially toward the end of the year when we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas all in a row. This can make party planning a little tricky because of scheduling, gift selection, etc. The good news is that you have us here to give you some of our favorite tips that will make your holiday birthday party a resounding success.


Plan the Party Far in Advance

The first thing you want to do is start planning the party far in advance. Although this is a general rule for basically any party planning scenario, it’s somewhat more important because around the holidays, people may already have plans on certain days or will be going out of town. This can make coordinating a holiday birthday party just a wee bit more difficult, so the sooner you get started and inform people, the better.


Seriously Consider Two Parties

There’s a justification for mixing a holiday party in with a birthday party. After all, family and friends will already be there, and it’s obviously easier to plan a single party instead of two. The problem is that this can be quite annoying and even dismaying to the guest of honor, especially if they’re a child who might feel short-changed.


Don’t Throw Them Close Together

If you do decide to have two parties, try to separate them by a few weeks. This is primarily for your guests, who may not be able to schedule two parties in a single week. If the birthday is really close to the holiday, such as just a few days apart or maybe a week before or after, then you may want to plan on celebrating the birthday earlier or later than the actual birthdate.


Rent a Bounce House for the Party

Whether you decide to separate the parties or have one big fiesta, you should rent a bounce house for the kids. This is an absolutely wonderful way to keep the youngsters entertained while the adults can sit around and chat about, you know, adult things. As we’ve said before, it’s a great way to help kids use up some of the energy from eating cake and ice cream.


(Mostly) Avoid Combined Gifts

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. By far, combined gifts are the number one problem with having a birthday close to a holiday, particularly if you have a December birthday. It may be logical to get a slightly bigger gift and count it for both holidays, but this may cause issues with a child. The exception is when you want to give a large gift that you simply can’t justify for a single event.


Don’t Focus Solely on the Holiday

If you’re combining a birthday party and a holiday party into one, be sure that you don’t focus solely on the holiday. Sure, you can have holiday decorations in various spots, but you need to have a designated area where it’s all about the birthday. Really small kids might not notice these kinds of things, but the older ones will appreciate it even if they don’t say anything.


Avoid Holiday Wrapping Paper

We’re not going to say that wrapping up a birthday gift in holiday paper is tacky, but that’s only because we don’t want to make anyone feel bad. Look, it’s totally understandable that you might want to use holiday wrapping paper because you’ve bought so much of it, but please don’t do this… Even though wrapping paper isn’t a big deal, it needs to celebrate a person’s birthday instead of just grabbing whatever you had laying around.


Rent a Few Concession Items

There are many different things that you can rent for a holiday birthday party, such as tables, chairs, dinnerware, flatware, tents, tent accessories, etc. We’d recommend renting all of these, but one thing you definitely don’t want to skip out on is the chance to add some concessions to the mix. Renting concessions that deliver popcorn, snow cones, ice cream, and cotton candy is a perfect way to excite your guests.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Holiday Birthday Party Ideas

Elite Events & Rental specializes in event rental equipment in Tampa and the surrounding communities. We have everything you need to make your holiday birthday party a success. For any questions about throwing a birthday party close to a holiday or if you’d like to reserve a few items, call us at (727) 791-7082 today.