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Indoor Birthday Party Ideas For the Spring and Summer

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

With the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), holding your yearly grand outdoor birthday party for your kid(s) right now is not something you should be considering! Large gatherings are to be avoided by all means to help break the chain of infection.


So there’s your challenge: How can you hold an indoor birthday party full of fun with just your family members, especially if you’ve never organized one with a relatively small number of people before?


Birthday Party planning is all about acing the basics. From then on, it should be smooth sailing. Keep reading to learn top indoor birthday party ideas that can help you host incredible parties for your kid(s).


Choose a theme

Having a theme for the birthday party is a good starting point, chiefly because it lays a foundation around which you can plan around.


Most importantly, choose a theme you and your kids are happy with, before proceeding to book birthday party rentals for the perfect party accessories.


Essentials such as chafing dishes, plates, cutlery and more from catering equipment can also help you define your tabletop details.


Pick the right time

Apart from the age factor, the day of the week you pick for the event will also dictate the time you’re to host the party. Usually, children parties’ are brief events, roughly around two hours.


If you’re not sure of the exact time you should host the party, check with other parents or take note of similar birthday parties your child has attended.


Nevertheless, weekend parties work best, provided you can schedule them at an appropriate time of the day.


Have fun

A key component of outstanding indoor birthday party ideas relies on having fun. For that reason, games are a vital consideration for every child’s birthday party, especially for pre-teen kids.


You should make plans for the kids and family members to play games before gathering them together to open presents or sitting them down to enjoy the cake and ice cream.


Here’s a game you can easily set up indoors, so you don’t have to agonize about bad weather.


Drop the Penny

What you’ll need:

  • For each kid or family member one or two pennies (flat token/poker chips)
  • Four similar plastic bowls, sturdy enough not to tip over with ease
  • A strip of tape to serve as a marker or starting line for each team.


Place a single plastic bowl near each teams’ starting line, and accordingly, two bowls in a beeline a distance away. Fill the “distant” bowl for every team with your tokens or pennies.


Now, separate the kids into two teams and line them one behind the other at the starting line. On the call “GO,” the first kid on the line for each team races to that teams’ distant bowl, picks up two tokens/pennies, one on each hand.


Then, he/she runs back to their team’s bowl at the starting point and attempts to drop the token into the bowl while keeping their hand above his/her waist.


Similarly, the kid then turns and drops the token on his/her other hand into the bowl and proceeds to tap the next player in line, and the sequence continues.


Once every player has had their turn, the team with the majority of pennies/tokens in their bowl wins.

Of course, you have to provide significantly larger bowls for younger children to catch the dropped tokens. But for older kids, opt for reasonably smaller bowls.


Now, try this fun game yourself—and you’ll be surprised how hard it is to drop something with precision with your “other” hand!


When it comes to securing toys, Tampa party rentals avail a variety of them at discounted rates to add some fun to your event.


Undeniably, the most important point is that the kids have fun—as long as they’re, you’ve done an excellent job. Occasionally, some things might not go according to plan, but it’s unlikely anyone will notice—unless you tell!


After a day of fun activities, end the evening with a touch of exciting party bag niceties for the children.


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