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Indoor Party Ideas: How to Plan for an Indoor Party!

Plan your indoor party with these tips!

Although the weather will be nice outside for at least the next couple of months, many people will soon be planning to throw a party indoors. This may be especially true if a lot of children will be in attendance and you’re wanting the event to be a bit more self-contained.


Whether you’re planning an indoor birthday party, Christmas party, or other type of celebration, there’s several things you can do to make it spectacular. Today, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite indoor party ideas, including planning tips, party games, and equipment you can rent.


Tips to Plan An Indoor Party 

Any successful indoor party begins with getting it all planned out.


Here are a few simple tips to help ensure that everything goes smoothly:


Start Planning Early

The basic rule of planning any party is to start as soon as possible. This is especially true if you’re having a themed party because it may take longer to get all of the proper decorations together. Procrastinating will only lead to potential problems.


Decide Where to Hold the Party

With an indoor party, there aren’t typically a lot of logistics such as dealing with a backyard pool. You’ll simply need to account for the number of guests and any planned activities to ensure you’ll have enough room for everything you’d like to do.


Create a Full Guest List

Even if you have a fantastic memory, never try to keep a full guest list in your head. Write down every person amongst your family and friends you would like to have attend and then discuss any potential clashes in personality that might hinder the party’s fun.


Send Evites to the Guests

Even if you have a grandmother or two who refuses to use email or social media, it’s always better to send out evites to everyone. Facebook and other services allow you to send out electronic invitations and easily keep track of who has accepted and who has not.


Party Game Ideas for the Kids

If there will be several children at your party, then you want to make them a primary focus.


Here are some great indoor party games that are easy to set up:


Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a game that children absolutely love, so you’ll never go wrong adding this into the mix. The rules are simple: the kids walk around a row of chairs and when the music stops, everyone jumps into a seat except for one person. Then, a chair is taken away and the music begins again.


Treasure Hunt

Setting up a treasure hunt with will engage the children’s minds and get them to work together. Just make sure that everyone has a prize to work for, which will make the game even more exciting.


Pass the Parcel

This is a great game that’s similar to musical chairs. The kids all sit in a circle and pass a small box that’s been wrapped in multiple layers from person to person. Each child unwraps a layer until there are none left, at which point the child with the gift wins and everyone else gets a secondary prize.


Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail on the Donkey has always been a fun game for kids. These days, you can find many variations online where they’ll get to pin the tail on a variety of animals or something similar. If you’re afraid of using actual pins, you can pick up one that uses Velcro instead.


Equipment You Can Rent

The best way to make your party a success, including following through with the indoor party ideas listed above, is to rent the equipment you need. Here are a few items that will be perfect for any celebration:


Tables and Chairs

The first thing you can start with are tables and chairs. By renting them, you’ll have a large variety to choose from and you can match a particular style or theme. Plus, you won’t need to ask a bunch of friends to bring them to the party.


Dance floor

Kids of all ages love to dance, even if their music might not exactly be to your liking. Along with audio/video equipment, you can rent a small dance floor so that they’ll have a specific place to get their groove on.



Children love snacks and there are plenty of concessions you can rent for a low price. You can start with items such as hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn. Of course, kids are more likely to be excited about cotton candy, snow cones, and ice cream.


Bounce House

Although you’re going to have the party indoors, it’s not a bad idea to have a bounce house waiting outside. Then, in the middle of the festivities, let them go out to the bounce house and play for a while. Not only are these things a lot of fun, but they’re a great way to keep the kids active.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for More Indoor Party Ideas

Elite Events & Rentals is the premier provider of event rental equipment in Tampa Bay and neighboring areas. We have many different types of equipment available including tables, chairs, tents, tent accessories, dinnerware, catering equipment, audio/video equipment, dance floors, concessions, bounce houses, kids games, and a whole lot more. If you have any questions or would like more indoor party ideas, reach out to us by calling (727) 791-7082 to schedule a free consultation.