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Kitchen Equipment Rental: What You May Need

Kitchen Equipment Rental for Your Next Event

If you’re planning to host an event, you’re going to have a long list of things to do. If you’ll be serving food at this event, that can become a huge task all on its own.


Many hosts decide to prepare at least some of their food on the premises so that everything’s hot and fresh. The best way to do this is with a kitchen equipment rental, which will save you money and give you more flexibility.


Here is some cooking equipment you may need for your upcoming event:

  • Stainless Steel Hot Box — If you want your meals to stay hot and ready to be served, then you need to rent a hot box. This large unit is easy to transport and use.
  • Convection Oven — Convection ovens use circulating air to cook many types of food more evenly. Just remember that you’ll need to rent a propane tank, too.
  • Electric Hot Box — In many situations, a general hot box that keeps food warm will be perfectly fine. But if you need your food to last for an extended period of time, then an electric hot box is the best choice.
  • Portable Grill — If you’re looking for a simple grill that’s easy to use, a portable charcoal grill will do the job. They’re six feet in length, which gives you room for quite a bit of food to be cooked all at once.
  • 6-Burner Stove/Oven — Perhaps the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment on our list is a six-burner stove or oven. If you’re going to be making huge meals, this needs to be part of your event.


Other Equipment You Should Consider Renting

A kitchen equipment rental is an important part of your event if you need to feed your guests. But that’s really just the beginning. If you want everyone to have a great time, then there are several other types of items that you should consider picking up.


Here are some of our picks for your next event:

Tents & Tent Accessories

Renting a tent is a no-brainer in Florida, whether you’re hosting a party indoors or outdoors. A great way to hold an event is to rent one tent for guests to hang out and enjoy themselves and a second one for the kitchen equipment and serving of food. You might also want to rent some tent accessories, such as sidewalls, floor fans, AC units, etc.

Tables, Chairs, and Linens

Since you’ll obviously be using your kitchen equipment to cook up food, you’ll need a place for everyone to enjoy it. Many people don’t realize that they can rent basic items such as tables, chairs, and linens. These all come in a variety of colors and styles, which means you’ll be able to choose just the right décor and match everything properly.

Catering Equipment

When providing food, you need a way to serve it to your guests. That’s where catering equipment comes in. There are many different items available, from chafing dishes and serving trays to heat lamps and drink dispensers. You can also rent speed racks, serving forks and spoons, serving tongs, multi-tier serving trays, plate covers, and several other catering items.

Flatware and Glassware

Flatware and glassware are two other basic food and beverage items that you can rent instead of buying. There are several different styles available for each category, so you’ll definitely be able to find some items that match perfectly with your event’s décor. You can also make sure that the flatware and glassware match any tables, chairs, and linens that you rent.

Concession Equipment

No matter what kind of food they’re serving at your event, it never hurts to add in some concessions. Some of the favorites that are available include popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, and ice cream. Any of these items will serve as the perfect snack after the main meal. Add just one or two of them, and you’ll keep your guests happy.

Flooring and Lighting

The last thing that’s an absolute must-have for many types of events is actually two-prong: flooring and lighting. Event flooring is very straightforward. It’s available in 4×4-foot increments, and you can rent as many as you need for the space you have available. Lighting has quite a few choices, including hanging LEDs, chandeliers, spotlights, etc.


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