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Why You Should have a Virtual Memorial Day Celebration this Year!

Plan an online Memorial Day celebration.

Apart from being a day to pay tribute to members of our armed forces, Memorial Day is also traditionally perceived as the unheralded kick-off to the summer. Planning a Memorial Day celebration is, therefore, always an excellent idea to get your family and friends together.


Most importantly, it allows you to celebrate soldiers who, in the past, have made the ultimate sacrifice in several conflicts and equally to exchange gratitude, as you enjoy a delightful day together. Yet with the current COVID-19 social distancing concerns, it might seemingly be impossible to get together this year.


Even so, that doesn’t mean there’ll be no Memorial Day party. However, under these concerning circumstances, it’s advisable and highly encouraged to mark Memorial Day and ensure its significance remains accessible to all via a virtual medium.


With a few alterations to what you’re accustomed to, perhaps a live webcast may effectively replace the in-person experience at The Wall.


Get Everyone Together—Virtually!

Normally, a Memorial Day party offers you the perfect break to catch up with your family, relatives, and friends you’ve meant to see for a while.


Typically, it’s a day you visit your local beach, local park, or set up for a BBQ evening on your yard with party rentals providing you with tents, catering equipment alongside event rental equipment.


Ordinarily, with the convenience of a wide range of event rental equipment, you can, with ease, bring the party to your front yard.


But, while it feels like the entire world has stopped, how can you still commemorate some of our most treasured holidays?


Now that Memorial Day celebration is on the horizon, why not look at some fantastic and creative ideas to mark this special day.


Send Zoom Invites for Your Virtual Memorial Day Party!

Although social distancing may create barriers and also keep you apart from your friends and relatives, technology can still help you connect with your extended family and friends. Overall, the internet can help you bridge the gap by offering new ways to come together.


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic concerns, the emergence of the “virtual party” is a welcome relief, allowing you and your loved ones to socialize from the comforts of your respective living rooms.


Right from online Memorial Day parties to cook-offs, virtual events can help keep you connected—even as they keep (you a safe distance) apart.


Virtual Parties May be Good for Your Health—And Also Necessary

As the COVID pandemic continues to push almost everyone to stay at home, having a virtual option to connect with your relatives and friends isn’t just imperative to your physical health. In essence, it also boosts your emotional and mental wellness in ways you may not realize.


Experts explain that in the event you’re confined to your home, you should “have the opportunity to accept the ordinary—play a board game, experiment with your culinary skills, watch that TV show you’ve been setting aside, or read a book…but perhaps most importantly, catch up with people.”


Arguably, these “ordinary activities” arise at a time when you need to connect the most. Even while you can’t host an outdoor Memorial Day Party, you can alternatively have real connections with other people via Facebook parties, Skype, FaceTime, social media, and more.


According to research, loneliness and self-isolation can be real health concerns. As such, it’s essential to reach out to your family and friends by designing plans to keep in touch regularly and safely.


Fortunately, due to advancements in technology, you have the means to do so. And even with disruptions to your regular celebratory routines, you should still have the power to bring your loved ones together through online home-based parties, thus creating feelings of intimacy alongside connection.


No matter the circumstances, you should mark this year’s Memorial Day with pomp while spending time with your family and friends.


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