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Benefits of Renting an Outdoor Dance Floor Rental for your Wedding!

Why should you consider an outdoor dance floor rental for your wedding party?


If you’re planning to have a wedding this year, you can’t go wrong with making it an outdoor affair, both for the surroundings and a continuing need for safety. If you’re going to be outside, then you definitely don’t want to pass up an outdoor dance floor rental to keep the party groovin’ and movin’. Let’s take a look at the benefits you’ll enjoy:


People Want to Dance

The biggest reason why you want to rent an outdoor dance floor is people absolutely love to dance at weddings! Not only is there the traditional first dance with the newlyweds, but men, women, and children of all ages will have a great time if the music is blaring and the hips are shaking.


Different Sizes Available

Most people probably don’t have access to a dance floor that they can borrow for a wedding, but even if you do, it may not be big enough to accommodate enough guests. By renting, you can get a dance floor that is perfect for the size of your outdoor venue. Plus, you can rent two separate, smaller dance floors – one for adults and one for kids.


Perfect with an Outdoor Tent

Wedding tent rentals are extremely popular, because it enables you to keep everything organized and protect guests from the elements, as needed. Even if most of the wedding takes place in the open outdoors, putting the dance floor under a tent is a great idea.


Set Up by Professionals

With any wedding, there are dozens of tasks to complete. Why add yet another to your list? With an outdoor dance floor rental, the event equipment company will get everything set up so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Then, when the festivities are over, they’ll return and break everything down for you.


Memorable Photo Ops

You can’t have a wedding without taking tons of pictures. Renting a dance floor gives you the opportunity to capture unique moments of friends, relatives, co-workers, and others. These are photographs and memories you will treasure forever.


Lighting and Sound

One of the best ways to customize the outdoor dance floor experience is by choosing a particular type of lighting. Your event rental company will work with you to choose special lighting that creates a particular mood or atmosphere. Plus, you’ll have sound options that will make every song sound big and vibrant.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Outdoor Dance Floor Rental

Elite Events & Rentals can help you make your wedding the best it can be with our outdoor dance floor rental, tents, archways, catering equipment, chairs, tables, and more. If you have any questions about our event rental equipment in Tampa, call (727) 791-7082 to schedule a free consultation for party rental equipment in Tampa Bay!