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Elite Events Brings You a Party Planning Checklist!

Your party planning checklist for a safe holiday season!

As we move closer to the nation’s biggest holidays and learn more about how to stay safe from the ongoing pandemic, it’s no surprise that people are getting excited to throw a party for their family, friends, and co-workers. This is a fantastic way for people to have fun and relax after experiencing such a stressful year.


A lot of people don’t really think about what goes into the planning of a party until the time arrives to begin preparations. Elite Events & Rentals are experts at this sort of thing, so we’ve compiled a short party planning checklist you can follow for your next get-together.


Figure Out the Expected Budget Before Your Party Planning Checklist 

The first thing you’ll want to do as part of your party planning checklist is to sit down and figure out your expected budget. This will depend on how many people you plan to invite, the type of venue you’ll be using, the kinds of foods and beverages, etc. It’s always a good idea to take whatever figure you have and then add a certain percentage onto that so that you’ll have a little flexibility.


Consider an Outdoor Venue

Choosing an outdoor venue for the party will allow people to follow social distancing guidelines and make it less likely that the virus will spread through the air from person to person. To protect people from the sun or cold weather, it’s also a good idea to rent pool tents, structure tents, or frame tents. If the weather is a bit harsh, there are tent accessories available such as misters and heaters that you can add to the party tents.


Create an Engaging Evite After Making Your Party Planning Checklist 

Evites are an excellent way to announce your party and provide information to potential attendees. There are many different design options to choose from, and by their very nature, evites are non-intrusive. Just keep in mind that if you’re inviting anyone who isn’t computer savvy, you may want to also send a physical invite.


Figure Out What to Rent

Party rentals in Tampa are very popular for both homes and businesses because of the vast assortment of options that are available. Holiday party rentals can include anything from tables and chairs to concessions and bounce houses. Add just a few items to your party checklist and you’ll have less to worry about once the party arrives.


Heed Pandemic Guidelines

In order to keep your guests safe, it’s important that you exercise proper pandemic guidelines. This primarily consists of social distancing and the wearing of face masks. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand. Also, make sure that everything is sanitized before the party begins and that hand-washing supplies are plentiful and accessible.


Ask Guests to Bring Food

Very often, a party checklist will consist of the food and beverage items that you’re going to offer. Unless you’re planning to have the party catered, though, asking people to bring a variety of food items will work splendidly. In fact, you probably have some family members and friends who love to show off their cooking skills with a special dish.


Answer Questions Quickly

Some guests may have follow-up questions from the evite or physical invite that you sent to them. This is especially true as it relates to the health and safety guidelines that many people have adopted. Be sure that you answer these questions quickly and completely to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Help with a Party Planning Checklist

If you follow this simple party planning checklist, you and your guests will have a spectacular time. As the leading party rental company in Tampa, Elite Events & Rentals can help make sure that happens. We offer Tampa tent rentals, catering equipment, tables, chairs, flatware, concessions, kid’s games, wedding party accessories, and a whole lot more. Give us a call at (727) 791-7082 today for any questions.