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7 Tips for Planning a Halloween Party in Tampa!

Planning a Halloween party with an event rental company.

Halloween is almost upon us, and this year, it’s probably going to look a bit different across the nation. In certain areas, tried-and-true traditions such as haunted houses, school celebrations, and even trick-or-treating will either not occur or be planned differently.


If you’re planning a Halloween party, it’s important you exercise certain precautions such as social distancing and the wearing of face masks (which many costumes themselves to anyway). This probably goes without saying at this point. To make your celebration go off without a hitch, we’ve compiled a few simple tips for you to follow:


Set a Date, Time, and Place

Planning a Halloween party begins with deciding when and where it’s going to take place. You want to select a date and time that will allow the greatest number of invitees to show up. As for the location, you may want to consider an outdoor venue given the current state of the pandemic and the need to keep your friends and family safe and secure.


Figure Out a Theme, If Any

Yes, we all know that the theme of the night is Halloween. However, you may want to select a secondary theme where guests all wear similar costumes to go along with it. You can select a certain movie or TV series such as Star Wars or Game of Thrones. Another way to approach the theme is to base it on a genre such as horror or science fiction.


Send Out Creative Invites

In this day and age of electronic invitations, you have tons of creative options to make them stand out. You can either select a ready-made Halloween template or have a creative friend design one for you. Make sure that the invite is visually stimulating and includes all of the pertinent information for the get-together.


Rent Some Equipment when Planning a Halloween Party 

Event rental equipment makes every party go more smoothly for both the host and the guests. You can rent something as simple as tables and chairs or rent more extravagant equipment such as catering items, concessions, and fun things for the kids like a bounce house. If your event is going to be held outdoors, you should also consider a tent rental and any appropriate tent accessories.


Pick up Some Decorations when Planning a Halloween Party 

There are many companies that provide a wide selection of Halloween party supplies. You can either choose to visit a department store, a Halloween store that’s been set up in your area, or an online venue. Spooky decorations such as witches, spiders, and ghosts are mainstays, but if you’ve chosen a specific theme, that will dictate at least some of the decorations.


Play Some Halloween Music

Halloween music may not hold a candle to Christmas music in terms of popularity, but it’s definitely a great way to enhance the party. Popular songs such as Monster Mash and Werewolves of London never get old, and people always love to hear the Ghostbusters theme song. In lieu of music, playing Halloween sound effects is a great way to set the mood, too.


Provide Candy for Guests

Whether your party will include kids or be restricted to adults, you should definitely consider having candy available. You don’t have to get too lavish but setting up a few large bowls filled with items such as licorice, Nerds, chocolates, and other assorted goodies will keep many attendees happy.


Elite Events & Rentals Can Provide Party Rental Supplies for Your Halloween Party!

Planning a Halloween party involves several different elements, which is why many people enlist the assistance of a company for event rental equipment in Tampa to help them pull it off effectively. Elite Events & Rentals has a large array of event supplies that include setup, catering, entertainment, concessions, and more. Contact us by calling (727) 791-7082 to make your Halloween event perfect with a no-cost consultation for our event rental equipment!