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7 Reasons to Rent an Events Tent for Your Next Corporate Event

The benefits of renting an events tent.

If you’re planning a corporate event before the end of the year or into 2022, then you’ll have plenty of decisions to make between now and then. One way that you can help ensure a successful get-together is with the use of an events tent and other types of party rentals. Let’s look at why renting a tent is such a great idea.


Get Away from the Office

Office parties are great, but your employees will appreciate a change in venue. Scheduling an outdoor event can also allow your treasured workforce to get away from the office and enjoy the fresh air. Tent rentals make it even better because they can give you the flexibility of being both indoors and outdoors at the same time.


Exercise Creative Freedom

Unlike renting an indoor facility such as a ballroom or conference center, an events tent set up outside allows you to begin with a completely blank canvas. This means that you can organize and decorate the area any way you choose. To give you a couple of examples, you can create a laid-back atmosphere with picnic tables and concessions or a more business-centric one with a stage and podium.


Plenty of Room for Activities

By renting an events tent, you’re not restricted to an area that will only allow you to bring in tables and chairs. Tents come in a wide variety of sizes, which means you’ll be able to set up items like a stage, dance floor, concessions, audio/video equipment, and practically anything else you desire. This flexibility means that whatever you’re planning for your corporate event will be possible.


Help with Setup/Take-Down

Setting up a tent and taking it back down requires time and manpower. If you decide to rent an events tent, then the rental company can assist you with all of that. They’ll arrive at a scheduled time to get the tent set up for you and then you’ll have the option of them returning at the end of the day or at an agreed-upon time to have it all taken back down and carted off.


Protects Against Weather

As every Floridian is aware, our great state often has inclement weather each season. If you want to have your corporate event outside but want to ensure that everyone will be comfortable in either sunshine or rain, then a tent is more than up for the job. Plus, you can also rent tent accessories such as side walls, fans, misters, and heaters for even more comfort.


Professional Assistance

There’s no rule that says you can’t ask a rental company for assistance with your event planning. In fact, party rental companies will often have many years of experience and can give you tips that will help the event go more smoothly. And if you ever have any questions during the event, especially about the equipment that you’ve rented, simply give them a call.


Divide Up Different Functions

If you decide to have your event outside and you have enough room, you have the option of setting up multiple tents. This will allow you to designate each tent by its function, such as using one for a presentation and another for food and beverages or perhaps a dance floor. This is a wonderful way to keep the event more organized.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals to Rent an Events Tent

Elite Events & Rentals provides event rental equipment in Tampa for residents and businesses. In addition to tents, we can supply you with tables, chairs, audio/video equipment, dance floors, concessions, kids’ games, bounce houses, dinnerware, catering equipment, and more. If you have any questions about renting an events tent or other items, reach out to us through our website or by calling (727) 791-7082.