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Why Businesses Need to Partner With an Event Rental Company for Trade Shows

A look at why it makes sense to rent trade show equipment in Tampa.

Trade show industry veterans are adamant renting equipment is better than buying. The number of reasons to rent trade show equipment in Tampa is seemingly endless. Here is a look at some of the top reasons to rent equipment for trade shows.


Trade show veterans know full well how trade show booths and other equipment can sustain significant damage. This occurs with the transport of such equipment to and from the facility. There is also the potential for damage to occur as the exhibits are being set up, taken down, and even during the trade show itself. This is precisely why it is not financially prudent to buy trade show equipment in Tampa. There is no need to pay for routine maintenance or repairs due to wear and tear when you rent the exhibit instead of owning it.

A Unique Look From One Show to the Next

Wouldn’t it be nice if your trade show booth and exhibits were distinct from show-to-show? Opt to rent equipment and you will enjoy a distinct aesthetic at each trade show. Do not lose sight of the fact that people tend to judge based on visual appearance. If your trade show has the same look each time, it will eventually become aesthetically stale and people will likely lose interest. In fact, the full exhibit structure, as well as its design and even its size, can be altered from one show to the next. This is the flexibility you need for a successful trade show.

Customize Exhibits at a Low Cost

Rental trade show exhibits do not require the purchase of any sort of structure for the booth. You won’t have to pay for storage, maintenance, repairs, or anything but the actual rental itself. This allows for customization from show-to-show at minimal cost. You can put the money you save toward a more expansive floor space footprint.

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