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Rent What You Need for Birthday Parties in January!

What You Need for January Birthdays is Available for Rent

The most prime day of the year is your birthday. You have been waiting for this day all year, and now it is finally here. Of course, you want your January birthdays to be perfect and memorable. However, you also want to ensure you spend only a little on it. Here are some ways to save money while enjoying perfect birthday parties in January.



Tents are a great way to create a unique space for your party. Party rental tents come in all shapes and sizes so that you can use them anywhere, from backyard parties to large gatherings.


Whether you want a big tent or a small tent, there’s something here for everyone.


  • Big tents: These are spacious and can hold many people at once. They’re great if you want to host an event with many guests or one that will last through the day (like the January birthday party).
  • Small tents: Smaller tents are good if you have a few guests attending your party and are okay with having less party space for them all at once. Suppose this works well for your party plans.


Tents accessories

Tent accessories are the items you’ll need to set up your tent, like stakes and poles. You can also think of tent accessories as add-ons, like a rain fly or fire pit. Many tents come with stakes, but sometimes you may need more. Picking out the right tent accessory is straightforward: find out what size or type of tent you have, then buy the corresponding accessories.


Tent accessories can be stored on shelves in your garage or shed (as long as they’re not too heavy) or stacked neatly in boxes outside—make sure it’s somewhere out of the way so that animals don’t get into them.



There are many types of tables available for rent at the party store. You will need to decide how many tables you want to use and how big they are. The price range varies depending on the table type you choose, so look at all your options before deciding what size will work best for your party. Once you’ve decided on the type of table that will work best for you, add it to your online shopping cart and proceed through the checkout process as usual.



When planning January birthdays, you’ll need to know how many chairs to rent and what type of chairs are best for your party space. Several questions will help you make the best choice:



Will there be adults too?

Once you have answers to these questions, deciding which type of chair to rent is easy. If all of your guests fit into one room and there’s no need for adult supervision, renting folding chairs is fine. Consider renting wooden or metal folding chairs instead for larger gatherings where adults will be present, and multiple rooms may be used during the party. These are sturdier than their plastic counterparts, but easy enough to move around if necessary.


A dance floor

A dance floor is a fun and easy way to add extra fun to your celebration. Many different types of dance floors are available, from simple rectangular ones that come in any size you’d like, to themed options featuring modern or classic designs. You can rent a dance floor for your party directly from a party rental company or through an online retailer like Amazon. Choose the one that best fits your theme or space.


Consider renting an L-shaped sectional instead—it’ll give everyone room to move around while still fitting into smaller spaces like private party rooms and dining rooms.
If you don’t have enough room in your house but still want a fully functional bar during the festivities (or even better: during breaks), try placing an ice bin next to where people will be sitting down at tables so they can make their food and drinks throughout the evening without having to go outside first.


Cooking items

Cooking items are essential for any party. You can’t host a barbecue without grills and charcoal or cook a feast without pots, pans, and utensils, but bringing your own food is always preferable.

  • Linens
  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Towels
  • Table runners
  • Table skirts


Party games

The first game is called “Pass the Parcel.” When you say this, everyone has to pass around a gift and unwrap it as they go around. While doing that, someone sings a song while everyone else prepares for their turn to unwrap the gift.


The second game is called “Musical Chairs.” It’s similar to “Pass the Parcel,” but instead of passing around a wrapped present, each person has a chair where they sit down when the music stops playing (the song ends). When someone loses their chair, they have to get up and stand on one side of the room until another round starts. This continues until there are only enough chairs for those who still need to be eliminated.



The great thing about these items is that they can be rented individually or as part of a package deal. Ask us about our combination pricing if you need more tables and chairs. If you need more time to set up your January birthdays, we offer full-service setup options where we do all the work for you as your party host.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals today to learn more about our party rental equipment and rental services.