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How to Save Money on Your Tent Rental for Your Event

How to save some money when you rent a tent for a party this summer.

Outdoor celebrations are the best. They’re a great way to get people out into the fresh air and enjoy the warm Florida sun. The best part about renting a tent is that you can do it on nearly any budget. If you’re like every other company or individual out there, you’re probably looking for ways to rent a tent for a party without breaking the bank.


Today, we’re going to share some quick tips you can use to save money on your next event.


Choose the Right Size

The first thing you need to do to save money on your tent rental is to choose the right size. If you rent a tent that’s actually too big for your event, then you’ll be wasting a little money. Of course, you also don’t want to shortchange your guests by renting a tent that’s too small because they won’t have enough space to move around in. Instead, go the Goldilocks route and find one that’s just right, especially if you plan to rent tent accessories like sidewalls.


Only Rent a Single Party Tent

If you want to save money when you rent a tent for your event, only rent one. Although that might not sound crazy, the truth is that many celebrations are better when you rent multiple tents because you can divide people into groups for different activities. But, if you’re trying to save money, then you should probably stick to renting a single tent.


Have a Non-Tent Area

If you’re planning on having a lot of guests and you want to save money by renting a smaller tent, then you can organize a non-tent area. You can do anything you want with this secondary area, including putting in a dance floor or offering concessions. It may not be the ideal situation because people outside the tent will be a little harder to clean up after, but it’s worth the savings.


Get Creative with Chairs

One of the most common rental items that go with a tent are chairs. If you want to save money, you should get creative with the types of chairs that you choose for the party. One effective tactic is to rent wooden chairs for your main guests and plastic folding chairs for everyone else or for staff. If you’re having a wedding, we’d recommend that you use the same chairs for the ceremony and reception.


Rent Other Party Items

Although it might seem counterintuitive to rent other party items in order to save money, this is absolutely what you should do. In other words, rent party items instead of purchasing them. This includes everything from tables and chairs to glassware and dinnerware. You can also rent catering equipment, concession stands, dance floors, and even audio equipment instead of spending money on buying them.


Rent in the Off-Season

Another way that you can save money when you rent a tent for a party is to hold your celebration in the off-season. In case you weren’t aware, this is basically the winter season. While it’s true that some companies and individuals will hold holiday events during this time, most are indoors. But if you’re intent on holding your event outdoors and want to save money on a tent, you’re likely to get better prices during the winter.


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