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Social Distancing at Events: How to Have a Good Time While Staying Safe

How to maintain social distancing at events.

It’s probably safe to say that everyone reading this has had less human contact since the coronavirus pandemic began a few months ago. Now that we know more about the virus and certain regulations have been loosened up in many places, a lot of people are ready to spend time at some type of party or event, but they want to do so safely.


By exercising social distancing at events, along with taking other precautions, you can have fun with your family, friends, and co-workers while reducing the chances of contracting the virus. Let’s take a quick look at a few ways you can help everyone stay safe and healthy while having a great time!


Plan an Outdoor Party

Social distancing at events is a lot easier with an outdoor party because things are a lot more spread out. This way, people will be able to stay six feet apart from each other most of the time, as intended. In fact, the virus has a big harder time spreading from person to person in outdoor venues because of these reasons. Plus, being out in the open air is refreshing when the weather is nice.


Limit the Number of Guests

Even if you have plenty of room outside for everyone, the fewer guests you invite to your event, the better. There’s no exact set number but limiting an event to 25 people or so will definitely help. Also, you may want to hold off on inviting anyone who falls under the more vulnerable categories such as being elderly or those with an immune disorder.


Require Face Masks

While maintaining social distancing at events is very important, it must also be coupled with a face mask requirement. When worn and treated properly, face masks have been shown to block the droplets that are needed for the virus to spread. It’s not a bad idea to have several extras on hand in case someone forgets theirs or needs a new one.


Send Reminder Emails

Just prior to the event, send out a reminder email informing every one of the restrictions they must follow in order to attend. If there’s any push-back by someone who you expect to show up, you may want to consider uninviting them to show respect for your other guests. You can also ask if anyone has any concerns about wearing a face mask to make sure everyone feels safe.


Provide Hand Sanitizer

There was definitely a reason for the hand sanitizer shortage that occurred just after the pandemic hit. Hand sanitizer is a great way to kill any viruses or bacteria present on your hands. This is another very effective way to stop the possible spread in its tracks, so make sure you have at least a few bottles available for your guests.


Don’t Forget Hand Soap

Washing your hands will remove viruses and bacteria, making it one of the most important steps toward coronavirus prevention. This means that you need to provide plenty of hand soap in the restrooms for your guests. It goes without saying that you should also thoroughly clean each restroom before the event begins.


Serve Sealed Food/Drinks

It may seem like a bit of overkill to suggest that all of your food and drinks be sealed, but remember these measures are only temporary and that safety is a priority right now. Sealed containers of food and bottled water or canned sodas will prevent the possible transmission of the coronavirus. Plus… easier clean-up is a bonus!


Work with Elite Events & Rentals for an Awesome (and Safe) Get-Togethers!

Social distancing at events won’t last forever, but it’s one of the best ways to keep people safe right now. As the premier event rental company in Tampa, Elite Events & Rentals can help make your next get-together special. We provide a large array of event rental equipment including tent rentals, tent accessories, chairs, tables, catering equipment, wedding accessories, kids’ games, bounce houses, concessions, and more. We can be reached by calling (727) 791-7082 to schedule a no-cost consultation.