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Summer Backyard Party: Get Back Together and Reclaim the Summer Season!

Get the Summer season going with a backyard party!

With temperatures rising and children out of school, one thing is obvious – summer has finally arrived! Last year was somewhat of a bust for millions of people across the nation as the pandemic rendered most plans mute.


This year, those concerns have petered off quite a bit and many residents are once again venturing outside and planning summer activities. Just in case throwing a summer backyard party happens to be on your to-do list, we’re here to give you some of our favorite tips to help ensure it goes off without a hitch!


Send Out Virtual Invitations

You obviously can’t throw much of a summer backyard party without having plenty of people to attend. You can always go ” old school” and send out physical invitations to everyone, but the internet has made it so much easier. You can quickly create and send out virtual invitations – known as evites – through multiple venues including Facebook and other social media platforms.


Protect Guests with a Tent

Since you’ll be throwing your party outdoors, it’s important you consider the environment. Florida summers are very warm, which means your guests will be a lot more comfortable if you supply one or two tents to help protect them. If you rent the tents from a party rental company, then you won’t even have to worry about setup or takedown.


Make It a Summer Pool Party!

Summer and swimming go together like peanut butter and jelly, except it’s even better. If your backyard doesn’t have a pool, consider asking a friend or family member who does if you can have the event at their place. Hanging around the pool for an entire afternoon is a fantastic way to spend the day for kids and adults alike. So, if this is an option for you, we suggest you do it.


Put Up Some String Lights

If you’re going to have your summer backyard party at night, pick up some strands of string lights. You can hang them in a tent, over your pool, or even just along the edges of a patio. They come in multiple colors, which will allow you to put your own personality into the celebration.


Stock Up on Bug Spray

Your summer backyard party will attract some of your closest friends and family, but those aren’t the only visitors that you’re likely to have. The summer months bring flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. They can put a damper on the festivities, so make sure that you stock up on bug spray and leave it accessible for all of your guests.


Decorate for July 4th

If your summer outdoor party is for July 4th, then you’ll obviously want to have plenty of red, white, and blue decorations. There’s no reason these colors should be limited to Independence Day. You can find plenty of great, inexpensive items down at your local dollar store and it never hurts to stock up. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer and honor our country at the same time.


Grill Summer Favorites

Nothing says “summer celebration” quite like grilling up a few summer favorites. Hamburgers and hotdogs are probably obvious, but you can also grill up steak, shrimp, chicken breasts and wings, and other favorites. If you have any vegetarians in the mix, there are plenty of vegetables and veggie items available to choose from. Add in a few different types of barbecue sauce and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Rent Some Concession Equipment

Even if you’re planning a lavish meal for your party, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some concessions available. Kids and adults alike love snacking on popcorn and soft pretzels, but you can also offer desserts such as cotton candy and snow cones. Renting concessions is a low-cost way to give your party something extra special. It’s like having a mini-fair right in your backyard!


Provide Hand Wipes

Depending on what types of food you’re planning to have at your party, paper towels may not suffice. Many types of food items such as barbecue ribs, hot wings, and cotton candy will leave your guests with sticky fingers. This is especially problematic for kids who have a tendency to touch things regardless of what’s on their hands. Making plenty of hand wipes available for everyone is a great way to keep everything clean.


Set Up Fans or Misters

As we briefly discussed above, Florida summers are quite hot. Setting up a tent may not be enough to protect your guests from the heat. You should also set up a few fans or misters to ensure that everyone stays cool. You can even rent pedestal fans or fans that clamp onto the poles of your tent and then position them wherever you’d like.


Rent a Bounce House

If there will be quite a few kids at the party, then you’ll want to come up with some unique ideas to keep them entertained. You can always rent a dance floor and some audio equipment to keep the festivities lively, but nothing beats a bounce house as far as kids are concerned. It’s a great way to help them pass the time and release some of that pent-up energy from eating concessions all day.


Mason Jars for Drinks

There’s a good chance that at least one or two people in your family have made mason jars a fact of life. You can store everything from food items and keepsakes to office supplies and makeup, which makes them extremely versatile. If you want to give your festivities a true summer feel, use mason jars to serve the drinks.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Summer Backyard Party Rental Equipment

By following these simple tips, your summer backyard party will definitely be one to remember. Elite Events & Rentals can assist you by providing many of the items mentioned above and many others. If you have any questions about event rental equipment in Tampa or are ready to place an order, call us at (727) 791-7082 today to schedule a free consultation.