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Summer Guide for Outdoor Events

Your guide for Summer Outdoor Event Planning.

Summer in Tampa offers the perfect backdrop for spectacular outdoor events, from sun-soaked weddings to vibrant corporate parties. However, hosting an outdoor event during the warmest months of the year requires careful planning to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you’re organizing a casual outdoor gathering or an elaborate celebration, here are essential tips to help you prepare for a successful summer event.


Choosing the Right Venue

Location is everything when it comes to outdoor events. For a summer event in Tampa, consider venues that offer both sun and shade. Parks, gardens, and beachfront spaces are popular, but ensure there is ample shade or plan to rent tents to provide relief from the sun.


Tent Rentals: Your Summer Event Ally

A high-quality tent is invaluable for any summer event. Tents not only provide shelter from the unpredictable Florida rainstorms but also create a cooler, shaded area for guests to relax. When renting a tent:


    • Consider the Size: Make sure the tent is large enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably, along with any tables, chairs, and event accessories.
    • Type of Tent: Pole tents are great for grassy areas, while frame tents work well on various surfaces. Clear top tents can be magical in the evening but can turn into greenhouses during the day unless properly ventilated.



Managing the Heat

Keeping guests comfortable in the summer heat is a top priority. Here are a few ways to beat the heat:

  • Cooling Systems: Rent portable air conditioners or large fans to keep the air moving and the space comfortable.
  • Hydration Stations: Set up stations with water, lemonade, and other refreshing beverages to keep guests hydrated.
  • Lighter Fare: Opt for a menu that includes light, refreshing foods rather than heavy dishes. Consider serving lots of fruits, salads, and cold appetizers.


Timing is Everything

The timing of your event can significantly impact guest comfort. If possible, schedule the most crucial parts of your event during the cooler parts of the day. Early mornings or late afternoons into the evening are ideal times for summer events in Tampa.


Décor and Lighting

Summer events can really shine with the right décor and lighting:

  • Lighting: As the event transitions from day to evening, ensure you have adequate lighting. Fairy lights, lanterns, and LED candles create a warm, inviting glow.
  • Decorations: Use bright, summery colors and incorporate natural elements like flowers and greenery to enhance the outdoor setting.


Plan for Summer Showers

The possibility of rain is ever-present during Tampa summers, so having a backup plan is crucial:

  • Waterproofing: Ensure your tent is waterproof, and consider having extra canopies or umbrellas for guests.
  • Wet Weather Accessories: Have towels and maybe even some spare flip-flops on hand for guests who might get caught in a shower.


Entertainment and Activities

Choose entertainment that suits the outdoor setting and summer theme. Live bands, DJs, and even outdoor games (like cornhole or giant Jenga) can add to the festive atmosphere.


Safety and Comfort

Ensure your event is safe and comfortable for all attendees:

  • Insect Control: Consider having bug repellent stations or using citronella candles to keep pests at bay.
  • Sunscreen Stations: Set up a sunscreen station where guests can reapply sunscreen to protect from UV rays.
  • First Aid Kit: Always have a basic first aid kit handy for any minor incidents.


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Summer outdoor events in Tampa can be unforgettable with the right planning and preparations. By considering the elements—both weather and mood—you can ensure your event is not only enjoyable but also comfortable and safe for all your guests.


Elite Events and Rentals is here to help you with all your event planning needs, from tent rentals to setup and supplies, making your summer gathering a resounding success.


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