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How to Plan a Summer Outdoor Party with an Event Rental Company

How an event rental company will benefit your summer outdoor party.


With the summer season approaching fast, you’ll probably begin planning trips and vacations to theme parks all over the country. However, summer is a great time to have a get-together will family and friends and celebrate.


But even with the joy of a summer party, there comes the stress and anxiety of planning a get-together. Where will the party take place? What food and drinks do you need? Is there enough room? What decorations will fit the theme of the party?


All of these questions can be answered by working with a party rental equipment service. Renting equipment eliminates the stress of planning, setting up, and cleaning up after a summer party.


Here are a few reasons to plan a summer outdoor party with an event rental company:


Where do you plan to party?

Before you can choose what Tampa party rental items you’re going to need, it helps to choose where you’re going to have a party. Do you want a party with swimming? You’ll need to choose a pool, lake, or beach. Is this a private swimming area or will you need to make reservations? Is it kid-friendly and can you have cocktails too?


Are you leaning instead towards a dancing theme? While you can always rent a dance hall, summer begs to bring your gathering outdoors. If the party is outdoors, tents are a huge benefit for outdoor events. Choose from a canopy for the dance floor and gathering, or even set up a series of tents like little themed cabanas for bar, food, and more. As a bonus, a good tent will also help protect you from rain.


Don’t forget the picnic party option too. You can find party rentals to suit almost any taste. Set up family dining and some fun blankets to sit on. Get out the grill or test your luck at some outdoor games. If you can’t beat your uncles at soccer, challenge them instead to a giant chess match on the lawn. The sky’s the limit!


Set the theme with a grand focal point

Once your summer outdoor party location is chosen, set the theme with a great focal point. This is where having some catering equipment can really come in handy. Your pool party just won’t be the same without the right lounge chairs for everyone to catch some sun. Make a statement with some standout water floats like a giant flamingo, a floating pizza slice, or a multi-person raft.


A dance party isn’t nearly as much fun without a floor, so set one up under your tent with a great Tampa party rental. Make it pop by adding some impressive lighting, or even a disco ball. Don’t forget the DJ as the important parts of a dance party are more than just visual, it’s about the music too.


Don’t forget that great picnic-themed summer party. You won’t want to forget to focus on the food here. Create baskets of appetizers for everyone to share, then set up a family-style buffet for the main course. Consider a larger roast to turn everyone’s eyes to the special occasion, or even a delectable ground oven or rotisserie if you want to step things up a notch.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Summer Outdoor Party Rentals in Tampa Bay

When planning an outdoor summer party, you’ll want to be aware that event rental equipment in Tampa can book up fast. If you’re planning a party around holidays like Memorial Day or Fourth of July, or even around graduation — you’ll want to reserve your rentals and location in advance. Additionally, consider the expertise of a day-of-event organizer to help you manage the onsite details.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for summer outdoor party rentals for your upcoming event. We have a variety of rental equipment, including tents, catering equipment, decorations, games, and more! Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation.