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Tent Parties: 7 Accessories You Need to Rent

What accessories should you rent for your next outdoor event?

Tent parties are a unique and rewarding experience, but preparing for one is an equally satisfying and unique experience, if you have good resources. Renting tent accessories makes a huge difference in the overall atmosphere of your party, and some of them are worth a little more than others. Elite Events & Rentals is a full-service tent rental equipment supplier, so we’ve provided this list of useful tent party accessories!


1. Lighting

Tent party lighting consists of two basic parts: the lighting system (i.e., LED lights) used to illuminate the tent and the outlet your lights plug into. For most tent parties, you will want to purchase LED lights that are collapsible and lightweight. Incandescent lighting is necessary for any tent party environment, making everything much brighter.


2. Dance Floor

When planning a tent party, the dance floor is sometimes one of the first things people think of, and it’s also one of the most overlooked parts of a party. A standard dance floor is cheap and easy to set up, but it only does a little for the overall atmosphere of the party.


The dance floor is essential for the competitions often held at these parties. Dance floors are a good way to keep the party from getting too crazy. They’re also a good way to reduce wasted space and organize where your guests dance.


3. Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are a good way to keep things organized, which is vital for any party, especially when people drink and dance simultaneously. They help keep the party out of the dirt and from becoming too chaotic. You can also rent tables that match the same style as the chairs you rented.


4. Cooling and Heating Equipment

Tent parties are generally held during the summer or spring, but the exact time of year can vary depending on your area. This is true, especially for tent parties held in colder climates. Planning for heating and cooling is important.


You want to make sure your guests are comfortable at all times. If the party is too hot or too cold, you may find guests leaving early or not enjoying themselves if they decide to stay.


5. Tent Liners

Tent liners are a great way to give your party that extra little touch. They come in various materials, and you can use them inside and outside tents. Some are designed for more heavy-duty events than others, so planning is important when deciding on a material. Some common tent liner materials include vinyl, nylon, plastic, and canvas.


You can use this liner under your tables, on your dance floor, and on the inside of your tent. It’s better to be safe than sorry since you’ll have to pay for one replacement if something does happen to your tent.


Tent liners are a stylish way to keep the party secure. This can be especially helpful for parties like proms or school dances.


6. Tent Sidewalls

Tent sidewalls are a good way to protect against the weather and create a more distinct appearance. Some tent party rentals come with standard pop-up sidewalls, while others will feature graphic or color-changing walls. The graphics you choose should generally match your tent party’s color scheme and your event’s overall theme.


Some people choose to rent tents for their party because it can be a cost-effective way to save money and still decorate the tent with the same décor as they would if they were renting a venue. Tent event rental equipment in Tampa, FL, can be a great way to ensure everything goes smoothly at your tent party. A good tent is a great investment and can be used over and over again for parties as well as special events.


If you’re planning an outdoor event, contact Elite Events & Rentals today for tent rentals in Tampa Bay. We also offer tent accessories that will enhance your tent and make your party or event a hit!