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Rental Options for Your Next Trade Show

Trade show rental options

Attending a tradeshow can be a great way to build a business. To do it successfully, you need the right tools. By renting instead of buying, you can cut costs and still have everything you need for your next trade show. This guide will look at what options are available and how each option works best for different kinds of shows.


Exhibit space for trade show rentals

Before you rent any of our trade show rental items, you need to know about the venue’s exhibit space details. How much room will you have for your booth?


Booth space is an enclosed table or booth that a single company can rent out. Booths usually have a built-in backdrop and walls surrounding them, creating an area where attendees can only get so far from your display. Your booth is where you’ll probably set up most of your rented items.


Trade show rental displays

Tradeshow displays, such as pipe and drape displays, are an easy way to get your message across at the next trade show. If you need to work out how much space you’ll have or the number of people attending your event, these displays can be set up in seconds and relocated quickly throughout the day.


Because they’re somewhat portable, they can also be stored when not in use. If you decide to change venues for whatever reason (such as a larger crowd) or if it’s time for another event, it won’t take long to set up again at a new location. And again, that means more time spent on what matters: interacting with attendees.


Flooring and carpet

Flooring and carpet are the most popular options for exhibitors, especially if you’ll need the booth taken down at the show’s end. Red carpet is also easy to clean and durable. We also offer carpet in black and white.


Furniture and accessories

In the same way that chairs and tables can be used to create a VIP area, so can furniture. Furniture is a great way to make your booth feel more comfortable. It allows you to create a theme or conversation area with your trade show rental displays and turn part of your space into a break room for attendees and staff alike.


Of course, renting furniture for a trade show depends on how much room your booth has. Check with the event planners to ensure you can use furniture around your booth.


Storage services

Storage services are a great way to ensure you have space for all your trade show equipment after the event.


You’ll want to ensure that you’re bringing everything you need to the show, including any displays or seating that will be used in your booth, as well as any food and beverage items if allowed. The last thing you want is someone else’s stuff to take up valuable real estate in your booth. This is another reason renting these items is beneficial. Our team will set up, take down, and store the items you rent.


Event rental equipment in Tampa

We have a variety of equipment you need to make your event a success. Our team will help and has a wide selection of trade show rentals, including tables, chairs, and tent rentals. They also offer dance floor rental styles that can be used for weddings or corporate events. You can choose between modular tiles and hardwood parquet floors with varying sizes depending on which type best suits your venue’s needs.


For Trade Show Rental Equipment in Tampa Bay, contact Elite Events & Rentals

This post has given insight into the trade show rental options available. From flooring to pipe and drape rentals, we have all the equipment and supplies to help make your event a success. If you want to understand more about our products or services, feel free to contact Elite Events & Rentals for a free quote.