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How to Plan for Virtual Holidays in 2020

How will virtual holidays change the holiday season?

In a typical year, millions of people all over the world travel to the homes of family and friends to enjoy a holiday or two This year is anything but typical, however, which means that 2020 holidays will see some definite changes because of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.


The good news is that a variety of today’s technologies can provide alternatives in the form of virtual holidays. It’s important that this type of event is well-organized, so let’s go over some simple tips you can follow to make your virtual holiday special.


Use Evites or Social Media for Virtual Holidays 

The first thing you’ll need to do is send out invitations to everyone you’d like to invite. Evites make this extremely easy and offer holiday-themed layouts and designs. Each recipient can simply click a link to either accept or decline the invitation. You can also use a social media platform to organize the event. Since so many people have Facebook, that platform has the necessary tools that allow you to confirm invitations and easily interact with each other, it’s a great choice!


Ensure You Have the Proper Technology

In order to conduct a virtual holiday, everyone will need to have the proper technology. This includes a computer, tablet, or phone with the proper app. There are several different types of virtual event platforms that work really well, including GoToWebinar, MegaMeeting, and SpotMe. You may need to pay a small fee to host the event, but it’s definitely worth the convenience.


Rent Some Equipment for Virtual Holidays 

If you want to go all out, the use of event rental equipment can be an important part of your holiday planning in 2020. What you rent for your virtual holiday will depend on how you’re organizing it. You may not need a tent rental or tent accessories, but perhaps you do because you’re planning on a large virtual event. Even with a smaller one, the addition of rented catering equipment, audio/visual devices, tables, and even dinner & glassware will make the celebration more fantastic!


Use Holiday-Themed Props

Since you won’t actually be at your destination to enjoy the sights and sounds in person, you should definitely consider picking up a few props to place around the room or wherever the virtual holiday will be taking place. This is especially great for kids because it will make them feel more like they’re actually traveling to the chosen location. You can make this as simple or lavish as you’d like. Just grab a few trinkets and stick them in the background or put your decorating skills to good use.


Perform a Gift Exchange

If your virtual holiday is for the Christmas season, performing a gift exchange is a no-brainer. This will obviously take some pre-planning. You can either exchange names where everyone knows who’s buying a gift for each person or go the Secret Santa route. It’s a good idea to set some sort of deadline so that everyone sends the gift by a week or two prior to the virtual party to ensure that all gifts are delivered on time.


Dress for the Occasion

Virtual holidays are always best when you immerse yourself as much as you can. Instead of dressing yourself in sweats and a t-shirt since you’re not actually going outside, dress up as if you’re enjoying the holiday in person. How you go about this is up to you. You can simply wear nice clothes or pick up a holiday-themed sweater, hat, etc. Have some fun with it!


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for Help with Virtual Holidays

Although 2020 holidays will be a bit different for many people this year, you can still organize a get-together that’s safe and fun. As the most reputable Tampa party rental company around, Elite Events & Rentals can help you make any event – virtual or otherwise – a success. Call us at (727) 791-7082 today for a no-cost consultation.