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Top 5 Wedding Accessory Rentals for Your Special Day!

Wedding accessories for your upcoming wedding day!

Wedding accessory rentals are the perfect way to customize your special day without breaking your budget. There’s a variety of event rental equipment you can use to upgrade your venue and personalize your party. Here are five wedding accessory rentals you can easily incorporate into your upcoming nuptials:



Adding an arch to your decor creates a focal point that draws your guests’ attention to the right place. These versatile wedding accessories aren’t just for placing around the pulpit, however. Whether your ceremony takes place in a church or on the beach, arches make it easy to guide your partygoers throughout your chosen venue.


  • Create pathways with strategically placed arches. Use plastic flowers, solar lights, or other small accessories to outline walking space.
  • Use arches to add a touch of romance to the front of rented tents.
  • Add signage to your arches to direct guests towards restrooms, eating areas, and other designated areas.


Your wedding accessory rental outlet should have a number of different options to choose from to ensure your choice fits your vision. Arches made from wood or designed to simulate natural materials work well for outdoor events. Wedding rentals with metallic or ivory coloring lend an air of sophistication to your indoor spaces.


Cake Stands

After the bride, the cake is the most anticipated element of most weddings. Include a cake stand on your list of wedding accessory rentals to find a fabulous platform for your edible work of art.


  • For a less traditional take on the wedding cake, use a gilded cupcake stand to display bite-sized confections for your friends and family.
  • Shiny metallic finishes and glitzy rhinestone embellishments can make even the plainest cakes look glamourous.
  • Use multiple cake stands to create a customized display. For those with a more eclectic taste, try mixing and matching colors and finishes to achieve a unique result.


A well-stocked party rental provider should offer a number of cake stand models in different sizes, shapes, and colors.



You don’t have to have an outdoor wedding to take advantage of these wedding accessory rentals. Tents are the ideal wedding rentals for large, undefined spaces.


  • For mixed-age groups, a tent lets you segregate youngsters from adults who wish to enjoy adult beverages.
  • Place a tent right outside the main event area. Fill it with comfortable lounge chairs to give your guests a place to rest during all-day celebrations.
  • When space is tight, tents allow you to make space for dressing, waiting, and other behind-the-scenes wedding activities.


Your wedding rental representative can help you find ways to solve your venue-related problems with tents. They can also guide you to the right tent accessories to decorate your space or control the temperature.



Weddings are a sacred event. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fun too! Game-related wedding accessories give your guests an interesting way to mingle and encourage a joyful gathering.


  • Simple toss games like Cornhole are an easy addition to family affairs. With easy to understand rules, guests of all ages can join in and enjoy themselves.
  • Place a dunk tank in your reception hall for some rowdy wedding fun. More adventurous brides and grooms can use themselves as the bait!


Large-sized chessboards, Yardzee, and Jenga are other popular wedding accessory rentals that you can add to your entertainment list.


Audiovisual Equipment

Make sure the party doesn’t stop with audiovisual wedding accessory rentals. Find the right combination of equipment to design an entertainment program that catches and holds your guests’ attention throughout the program.


  • A portable tripod projection screen lets you create a living photo collage of important moments in the happy couple’s lives.
  • Add a PA system to ensure your guests can hear all of your announcements.
  • Place a podium on your venue’s stage with a microphone to make sure every toast can be heard and appreciated.


Using sound, pictures, and videos to personalize your venue makes your nuptials more distinctive and memorable.


Find Wedding Accessory Rentals That Make Your Tampa Ceremony Stand Out

Elite Events & Rentals is a Tampa wedding rental provider that has all the wedding accessory rentals you’ll need to create a uniquely unforgettable affair. Contact us for more ideas on using rented wedding accessories in your upcoming event.