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Rent Equipment for Your June Wedding Now

What kind of equipment do you need to rent for your June wedding?

If you’re going to have a June wedding, then you should definitely consider renting some of the equipment you’ll need so you can save money and time. A Wedding equipment rental plan cover many different items, but we’re going to help you out by showing you which are the most common (but trust us – there’s plenty more where these came from).


Wedding Accessories

A wedding equipment rental typically starts with wedding accessories themselves. Whether you’re having a wedding indoors or outdoors, you can be a little fancy by renting an archway and maybe even some Roman columns for the festivities. You may also want to rent a cake or cupcake stand, depending on your preference for wedding dessert.


Tents & Tent Accessories

Since the sun will no doubt be shining brightly on your big day (this is Florida, after all), tent rentals are something you’ll want to consider if you’re having an outdoor event. There are a few different types to choose from along with quite a few sizes, so your wedding can be accommodated. You may also want to rent tent accessories such as a sidewall or glass door.


Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs will be necessary for your reception and the latter will also be needed for the ceremony itself. Rental companies offer a wide variety of both, and you’ll be able to match up multiple styles and get the tables and chairs to match each other, as needed. This is a lot easier than trying to get friends and family to cobble together enough on their own, which can be a real hassle.


Dinnerware, Flatware, and Glassware

You obviously want everything to match at your wedding, so you should also consider renting dinnerware, flatware, and glassware. Rental companies will typically have a very wide range of different items to choose from, all of which can be mixed and matched to fit your particular wedding or event. You can even rent several types of linens that will go perfect with any of these items, in addition your tables and chairs.


Cooking and Catering Equipment

For couples who are trying to save money whenever they can, it’s a good idea to rent cooking and catering equipment instead of hiring a professional staff. With cooking equipment, you can get everything from convection ovens and propane fryers to charcoal grills and full-blown stoves. As for catering equipment, this would include items like coffee makers, chafing dishes, food pans, beverage dispensers, and more.


Dance Floor + Audio

At some point, the bride and groom (or whatever variation the celebration is for) will need to have their first dance. To do it right, we’d suggest renting some audio equipment that allows you to plug in your own music, along with a dance floor. This will give your guests a specific place to get jiggy with it and you can even rent one floor for the adults and one for the kids.


Cooling Equipment 

If you want your wedding to be outside but don’t want your guests to roast in the heat, tents are your first defense. After that, you should consider renting cooling equipment. Many people opt for floor fans or fans that clip onto a tent’s poles, but you can also get a portable AC unit that will keep everyone in the area cool and comfortable.


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