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Fun Activities You Can Plan for Your Wedding Reception

Have these activities ready for your wedding reception.

Planning your wedding can sometimes be a headache, but there are also a lot of fun choices you get to make. In addition to the dress, flowers, food, beverages, and other necessities, you also need to consider the types of activities that guests will be able to enjoy during the reception.


Even this is your big day, it’s important your guests feel engaged and entertained. To help you get started, our team has come up with some wedding game ideas that you’ll be able to fulfill through a party rental company.


Games/Activities That You Can Rent

If you take the time to create a fun wedding day, your guests will love every single moment of it. There are many different ways that you can make this happen, including adding some fun activities to the mix. Here are just a few wedding games ideas involving rentable items that everyone will enjoy:


Dance Floor

If you’re going to have a traditional wedding, we’re guessing there will be a first dance and song for the new couple. This is plenty of reason to rent a dance floor, but it’s even better if you can get more guests involved in the activity. In addition to the dance floor, you can also rent audio equipment that will allow you to play songs from your iPod, phone, or other electronic device.


Giant Games

If you’re looking for some of the best wedding reception games, we suggest that you think big – literally! We’re talking about giant lawn games such as checkers, chess, Connect Four, Yardzee (a variation of Yahtzee), and others. These super-sized games will give adults and kids plenty of options throughout the reception to help them stay occupied and, more importantly, have fun.


Bounce House

One common problem during a wedding reception is that kids will start to get antsy and bored as they watch adults chat and talk for hours. You can help break up this monotony by renting a bounce house, which will keep them occupied for a very long time. This is also a wonderful way for the kids to expend a great deal of energy, which is very often needed when dealing with youngsters.


Karaoke Stuff

If you want to really liven up your wedding day, then you should rent some karaoke equipment. You don’t even need to get a karaoke machine, per se, because there are apps that you can download that will give you a good enough effect. You’ll simply need to pick up some equipment – such as a rentable boombox – that has a microphone hookup.


Other Items You May Want to Rent

The wedding game ideas listed above will keep many of your guests occupied and engaged throughout the reception. They can be especially helpful if there are a lot of kids who might end up getting restless. Here are some other items that you may also want to consider renting instead of purchasing:


Tent & Accessories

Choosing an outdoor wedding venue is a wonderful way to celebrate your nuptials, but Florida can get quite warm during the summer and even into the fall. If you’re going to hold your wedding outside, you should consider renting a tent to protect guests from the sun and any inclement weather. You can also rent tent accessories such as sidewalls, AC units, and fans for additional comfort.


Tables & Chairs

Many people make the mistake of getting their friends to bring tables and chairs for the ceremony and/or reception. This often results in a mismatch because you’ll have half a dozen people bringing a wide variety of items that simply don’t go together. Renting will not only ensure that you’re using quality furniture, but the items will all go together properly.



Even if you’ve already planned plenty of food for the reception, it never hurts to rent a concession stand or two. The most popular are those that serve treats such as popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and ice cream. The perfect combination is to rent concessions with sugar-filled items along with a bounce house that will allow kids to get rid of that extra energy.


Flatware & Glassware

Lastly, instead of purchasing flatware and glassware, you should definitely consider renting it. This can save you a ton of money, especially if you have a very large number of guests coming to the wedding. And, just like with tables and chairs, you’ll be able to make sure everything matches well.


Contact Elite Events & Rentals for More Wedding Games Ideas

Adding one or two of the wedding game ideas we’ve listed above will make your wedding day an even bigger success. Elite Events & Rentals are experts in providing event rental equipment in Tampa and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to reserve any items or have questions, reach out by calling (727) 791-7082 today.