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Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Trends to Follow During Summer 2022

Wedding Ideas and Trends for 2022

Weddings have been around since practically the dawn of time. While some things have remained the same, many details have changed. In this day and age, you can bet that both the wedding and reception will be much different than what you probably experienced a handful of years ago. Today, we’re going to look at some wedding trends of 2022 along with outdoor wedding ideas that will be perfect for your nuptials!


More Intimate Weddings

Although outdoor wedding ideas are all about your big day, this doesn’t mean the wedding needs to be that big. The days of having a lavish wedding are definitely not over, but many people are choosing to have smaller, more intimate weddings instead. Not only are they easier to organize and pull off, but intimate weddings will cost a lot less and you can use the extra money on a honeymoon or other expenses.


Crazy and Creative Themes

Perhaps it’s the proliferation of people sharing their lives on social media? Or maybe the boom of the superhero genre, but it seems that people have become more creative in recent years. This has spilled over into wedding themes ranging anywhere from pirate adventures to space odyssey. This trend is set to grow in the future, allowing brides and grooms to have a fun-filled fantasy wedding that everyone can enjoy and take part in.


Unique Wedding Attire

Wedding attire consists of traditional outfits like tuxes and dresses. Many any people are bucking that particular tradition. You can now find many weddings around the world where the attire is based on some fantastical themes, such as the ones mentioned above. This change doesn’t just go for the bride and groom. It’s much better when everyone gets in on the act, so encourage your guests to dress accordingly, too!


Full-Weekend Weddings

Since your wedding day is such a big deal and it only happens once, why not extend it to a full weekend? Many couples are ditching the one-day celebration and planning out multiple days of fun activities for all the guests. This can obviously increase the cost of your wedding significantly. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate such an important event with family and friends.


Renting Wedding Stuff

Instead of purchasing everything for the wedding, there are several different items where renting is a better option. You can start with renting items for the wedding itself such as a wedding arch, Roman columns, cake stands, chairs, etc. For the reception, you can rent necessities such as tables and chairs, dinnerware and flatware, tents and tent accessories, catering equipment, concession stands, and other items.


Destination Weddings

There’s no doubt you can probably find dozens of gorgeous wedding venues close to where you live. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event (crossing our fingers), you should consider making it a destination wedding. Just keep in mind that some friends and family members might not be able to attend due to travel restrictions, financial concerns, etc. So, it wouldn’t hurt to also have a smaller ceremony near your home for those who can’t make it to your chosen destination.


Live Entertainment 

A great way to entertain your wedding guests is to have live entertainment. There are many local bands that are very reasonably priced and will keep the party going well into the evening. Whether you choose to hire a band, book a DJ, or handle the music yourself, we also suggest that you rent a large dance floor for the occasion. After the bride and groom has had their traditional first dance, this will give everyone a space to get down and boogey to their heart’s content.


Sustainable Weddings

As more people become aware of their carbon footprint, we imagine that sustainable weddings will be on the rise. These are basically weddings where you make choices that will lower the effect your wedding will have on the environment.


This includes steps taken before, during, and after the wedding. This includes using local vendors that have environmentally friendly production, limiting the use of plastic containers, sending invitations online instead of through the mail, and donating your flowers once the wedding’s over. You may also want to choose a fully vegan or partially vegan menu, which is another way to show you’re part of the sustainable crowd.


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