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Don’t Rent Everything: How to Figure Out What You Need to Rent

What items do you need to rent for your party or event?

Whether you’re organizing a wedding, birthday party, employee celebration, or any other type of event, there are tons of supplies that you’ll need. One question you’ll need to ask yourself at some point is which items would be best for purchasing or renting. Today, we’re going to look at a few factors that you can use to determine what you should rent, in addition to the types of rentable items that are best for any celebration.


How to Decide What to Rent

These days, individuals and businesses are turning to the use of party rentals more and more. Many items that are available for purchase can also be rented. Here are a few reasons why you may want to rent instead of buying certain things for your event:



A huge reason why you may want to rent specific items instead of purchasing them is because of the money you’ll save. Some items can cost hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars to buy whereas you can rent them for a fraction of that cost. Even if you have an unlimited amount of money to spend, it just makes sense to rent whenever possible.



Renting is often a lot more convenient than purchasing because you can have the items delivered and set up. The rental company’s employees will also instruct you on how to use certain items such as pieces of catering equipment, concessions, audio/video equipment, etc. Then, once the event is over, they’ll return to take everything back down again.



Even if you have tons of friends, a lot of coworkers, and a great network of people, it’s often hard to get everyone on board to bring all the supplies you need. You may find it difficult, for instance, to cobble together all of the tables and chairs required for an event, and even those you do get probably won’t match. By renting, you won’t run into that problem.


Items That You Should Rent

Now that you have some idea on how to figure out which items you should rent instead of purchasing for your upcoming event, it’s time to make a list. Here are the items that we think are better to rent for any personal or business celebration:


Tables & Chairs

You certainly don’t want to purchase dozens of tables and chairs for a single event, but borrowing them doesn’t work very well, either. Your best solution is to rent them. Not only is this easier, but you can make sure that everything matches the proper style for the event.


Tent & Accessories

Tent rentals are popular in Florida, especially for outdoor events because of the heat and other inclement weather. They come in a few different types and several sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one. You can also rent tent accessories like sidewalls, fans, and heaters to further protect your guests and for the sake of privacy.


Dinnerware & Flatware

Although dinnerware and flatware aren’t especially expensive, the volume that you often need will drive up the cost. Instead of pouring that much money into spoons, forks, knives, glasses, etc. that will typically go unused for a long period of time, you should consider renting these items.



The truth is that you probably don’t have a lot of use for a popcorn or snow cone stand at home, so purchasing these items is probably not on your list of priorities. When you rent them, a professional will answer any questions you have about using them and help ensure that you know precisely which ingredients to buy depending on what you’ve rented.


Catering Equipment

If you’re having your event catered by a professional, you probably don’t have to worry about this one either way. But if you’re going to run the serving of food yourself, then there’s certain types of catering equipment you may want to rent. You can rent everything from beverage dispensers and serving trays to coffee makers and trash cans.


Kids’ Games

There are several different types of kids’ games that you can purchase, but there are particular items you should probably rent instead. For example, there are oversized outdoor version of checkers, chess, and even Yahtzee. And don’t forget that no one really wants to purchase a bounce house (well, we actually do but storing one isn’t feasible).


Specialty Items

There are many specialty items that are much better being rented than being purchased. These include audio/video equipment, dance floors, wedding arches, etc. Many of these things aren’t something that you would use on a regular basis, so it just makes more sense to rent them.


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